Chris Sale and “dead arm”

In mid-May, I wrote about Chris Sale’s faulty elbow and discussed valgus stress in the elbow as it relates to sidearm pitchers. Now there are reports that Sale will be shut down for a start or two due to “dead arm.” Well, I bet many of you are asking… What is dead arm, anyway? Dead […]

Chris Sale and his faulty elbow

Chris Sale has been the subject of much discussion in 2012, as he’s been jerked around from the starting role to the bullpen with reports of inconsistent velocity. To compound all of this, he’s had an MRI on his elbow due to tightness, though it’s been reported that it’s due to normal soreness and not […]

Ubaldo Jimenez: A quick mechanics review

In my earlier analysis of Ubaldo Jimenez’s mechanics, I noted that his initial separation from the glove was extremely early, terminating momentum and reducing athleticism out of the glove with his pitching arm. However, people said that his velocity was up in his start on Sunday against the Texas Ranges and Yu Darvish, and a […]

A pitcher breaking the mold

Trevor Bauer, the third pick overall in the 2011 draft, will not be babied. Bauer, well-known for his Tim Lincecum-like pitching mechanics and his unorthodox workout regimen, has scared some major league teams due to his high pitch counts and the fear that he may injure himself due to all the stress he puts on […]