ALDS: Tigers vs. Yankees: Defining Moments

The Yankees surged into the playoffs with perhaps the most potent lineup in history, while the Tigers backed into them with the worst final stretch of any postseason team in history. Despite the prime time slotting, this series may be the least appealing of all the playoff matchups. But for the Yankees and Tigers, how they do in the next week means a lot.

Larry looks back at 2006 and Game 1.

Tiebreaker Follies

There’s a problem with the WBC tiebreaker system—and it’s not that Canada was eliminated despite finishing with the same record as the US and beating them. It’s this: Last night, Korea was guaranteed to advance unless they lost while allowing 8 runs. Had they not scored in the eighth inning and the game had been […]

THT on Sports Bloggers Live

I’ll be a guest on the AOL radio show “Sports Bloggers Live” tonight at 5:33pm (and available to listen to all weekend), talking about the Yankees’ signing of Johnny Damon and its impact on the AL East. Be sure to listen in!


Larry shows how the White Sox and Astros are two of the most under-represented teams in the World Series, and how long we might be waiting for the Yankees to win their next title.