Dave Stewart, Racism, and the Blue Jays

Dave Stewart was on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” last night, implying that wasn’t hired as General Manager of the Blue Jays in 2001 in part because of the color of his skin. Minorities are not equally represented in the ranks of baseball management, largely because of cronyism. Baseball people have tended to go forward with […]

The Truth About Productive Outs

Productive Outs, a new statistic publicized by ESPN.com’s Buster Olney last week, has been touted as a significant part of winning ballgames. Is it a meaningful statistic? Larry takes a look at the last two postseasons, and what he found might surprise you.

“Anonymous” Drug Test Results Seized

According to Newday’s Jon Heyman, federal officials have seized the test results of every single major league baseball player. Apparently, the anonymous tests were never anonymous. The immediate impact of this is that when the names of the nearly 100 players who tested positive are inevitably leaked, it will ruin their reputation and open up […]

Five Questions: New York Yankees

George Steinbrenner and the Yankees are spending over $180 million this season in an attempt to win their first World Series of the 21st Century. Will they succeed, or will their fans have to suffer through yet another year of not being able to gloat that much? Larry takes a look.


Larry offers his opinion on whether the records of the past decade should be discounted if the players who set them used steroids.

Selig gets Bowie Kuhn Syndrome

According to Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle, Bud Selig is considering invoking his “best interests of the game” powers to implement a sterner steroid testing policy. I think this has about as much chance of succeeding as an attempt by Selig to unilaterally impose a salary cap. Selig is, I assume, trying to leverage […]