Eovaldi and his cutter move to Miami

One of the big pieces the Marlins acquired in the trade that sent Hanley Ramirez to the Dodgers was 22-year-old starter Nathan Eovaldi, who had been up and down with the Dodgers this year and last. Throughout his minor league career, which spanned parts of five seasons, Eovaldi established himself as a solid—not elite&mdashy;prospect, reaching […]

Darvish’s curves

We already know that Yu Darvish makes pitch classification fun. His curveball will be of particular intrigue today. If you average all his hooks together, you’ll get a velocity of around 75 or 76 mph. But, as Harry Pavlidis noted in March, Darvish clearly throws two distinct kinds of curves: If you look through Darvish’s […]

Contextualizing Liriano’s start against Oakland

Facing the Athletics on Friday night, Francisco Liriano threw what was mostly a dominating game: eight innings, four hits, four runs, one walk, and 15 strikeouts. The one mistake was a fourth-inning grand slam to Jonny Gomes, and it was a costly one, as he and the Twins wound up losing the game. Regardless, it […]

Keeping Nova’s fastball down

Against the division rival Rays, Ivan Nova spun an excellent game, going eight-plus innings, allowing just four hits (including none from the second batter of the game until the eighth inning) and one run while walking one, hitting one, and striking out five. He also got 12 balls on the ground out of 22 hit […]

A splitter from Buchholz

During Wednesday’s start against the Rays, Clay Buchholz began toying around with a new pitch in his arsenal: a splitter. Buchholz used it on an 0-2 pitch against the left-handed hitting Elliot Johnson, leading off the fifth inning. Below is the spin chart from Buchholz’s most recent start, with his typical offerings—four-seam fastball: brown, two-seam […]

More sliders, more success for Logan

The recent injuries to Mariano Rivera and David Robertson have caused something of a stir at the back end of the Yankees bullpen. Rafael Soriano, once the nominal “seventh-inning guy,” has taken hold of the closer’s role, meaning that the Yankees have needed to piece together their setup duties. Fortunately for New York, they have […]

A.J.‘s curve: missing bats, missing the zone

After much anticipation, the trade that sent A.J. Burnett from the Yankees to the Pirates was finally completed on Sunday. Burnett had a tumultuous three seasons in the Bronx, with a 4.79 ERA and 4.5 walks/hit batters per nine over 584 regular-season innings. His signature pitch is an 83 mph spike-curveball with exceptional movement. (Harry […]

Price’s backdoor cutter

David Price’s pitching repertoire has gone through quite a transformation over his big league career, as Mike Fast explained after the 2010 season. In 2011, Price made a further change to his repertoire by adding a cut fastball to the mix. In 2008, when Price first reached the majors, he threw a hard slider. Since […]

Putnam f/x

For the second time this offseason, Kevin Slowey has been traded. This time, he’s going from the Rockies to the Indians. The return for Colorado is 24-year-old reliever Zach Putnam, who had a cup of coffee with the Indians in September. You know what that means? It means that we have 114 pitches worth of […]

Some thoughts on Moscoso

Part of the Rockies’ return package for Seth Smith is right-hander Guillermo Moscoso, who made 21 starts for the Athletics in 2011. Moscoso had some cups-of-coffee with the Rangers as a reliever in 2009 and 2010, but last year was the first time we got a good look (128 innings) at what Moscoso he has […]

Who will be out of the Nats’ rotation?

The Nationals’ acquisition of Gio Gonzalez gives them six major-league pitchers vying for five spots in the 2012 rotation. Gonzalez joins a crew of starters that includes Jordan Zimmermann, Stephen Strasburg, John Lannan, Ross Detwiler, and veteran Chien-Ming Wang, who is returning to Washington on a one-year contract. In a conference call on Friday, Nationals’ […]

Kinsler’s plate discipline

For the second year in a row, the Texas Rangers are in the World Series. A big part of their success could be attributed to second baseman Ian Kinsler, who hit for a .370 weighted on-base average and contributed in many different ways. Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to recap (and […]

Bouncing fastballs?

Watching the first inning of Tuesday’s Rays/Yankees game, I noticed Wade Davis bounce a fastball during a sequence against Alex Rodriguez. That’s certainly not something you’ll see too often, so I checked my PITCH-f/x data to see how often fastball are thrown in the dirt. Gameday identifies pitches in the dirt with a “ball in […]

Strasburg returns

Stephen Strasburg returned to the majors on Tuesday and threw five innings (only 56 pitches) against the Dodgers. He allowed two hits, walked no one, and struck out four. You could say that he was “pitching to contact” more (considering he struck out over 12 per nine innings last year), which was the report we […]

Skip Schumaker can work really fast

In an 11-0 blowout against the Dodgers last night, Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa sent infielder Skip Schumaker to the mound in the ninth inning to preserve the bullpen. Schumaker gave up two runs: He struck out the first batter swinging and then allowed a walk and a homer before ending the inning with a flyout […]