Run Ryan, run

The last out of Philip Humber’s perfect game brought some controversy as an umpire’s call was questioned. The last pitch was on 3-2 count involving a called third strike on a checked swing. The problem, though, was missed. The controversy should not be about the call itself, but Brendan Ryan’s reaction. Down to your last […]

Ozzie gets five days for Castro comments

Anybody seen Jack McKeon? Apparently much to the surprise of the Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen firmly put his foot in his mouth in a recent interview with Time magazine. A Latino manager hired to manage a team in a city that has a neighborhood call “Little Havana” can’t say: “I respect Fidel Castro. You know […]

Spring training DUIs

They are almost as popular as spring training elbow injuries. This spring Alex White, Matt Bush, and Bobby Jenks have all been arrested and charged with at least drinking while driving. {exp:list_maker}Alex White—Extreme DUI, twice the legal limit Matt Bush—Injury to man on motorcycle. Bobby Jenks—Hit a parked car. {/exp:list_maker} Now, I am not here […]

No more video replay yet

Major league baseball has decided to hold off on expanding replay for 2012. I think it is important to look a few quotes from the article: Umpires were concerned the television feeds they received to review calls were not equal at every ballpark. The umps get fewer looks in Oakland, for example, than at Yankee […]

Did Ryan Braun get off on a technicality?

No. Unfortunately, I have to explain that. A point that is under-reported can be summed up this way: Braun’s defense team provided the exact information about what happened to the sample from the time it was given to when it was tested. As defense teams do, they repeated the process. Yes, they took urine from […]

Carmona points out an MLB inequity

Goodbye Fausto! Hello Roberto! As reported last week, 28-year-old Fausto Carmona is Roberto Hernandez Heredia and perhaps 31 years old. There are implications here for Carmona-Heredia, for the Indians and, most importantly, for professional baseball and the uneven way it deals with international players. Since being released on bail, The Sinkerballer Formally Known as Fausto […]

PED injustice and the Hall

Hall of Fame vote is frustrating. Something is wrong with either the procedure or the people involved in the voting. This became clear when Barry Larkin’s deserving, and late, induction became a second tier story to who did not make it and the ongoing assault about the role of steroids or PEDs*. * For the […]

The world of Retrosheet: World Series events

With the Cardinals hosting the Rangers to start the 2011 World Series, here are some numbers from the play-by-play data provided by Retrosheet. This consists of 617 games and 47,586 events. First a look at the type of events* in the play-by-play data and the breakdown of events by baserunners on base. * Remember that […]

Perry busted

It took 21 years, but on Aug. 23, 1982 Gaylord Perry was finally ejected from a game for throwing his infamous “hard slider.” Pitching for the Seattle Mainers, Perry got a warning in the fifth inning. The home plate umpire said he found a funny substance on the ball, but Perry was not checked. Of […]

A reason to trade

Baseball Reference is offering a wonderful new way to look busy at work with their new Franchise Trade Partner History. I went to check on trades between the Indians and Reds, since I could not remember what the Indians received in trade for Brandon Phillips*. *Jeff Stevens. Now I remember why I wanted to forget. […]

Stop laughing, they’re both in first place

Today is, by my calender, July 19. Baseball is 90-plus` games into the season. There were certain phrases that, if said aloud at the start of the season, would have required the speaker to have his mental capacity to be questioned. Only after, of course, the listeners had a chance to compose themselves from a […]

Oh boy, the home run derby is here

Right up front, I don’t enjoy the Home Run Derby. I find it rather boring, lacking a certain level of competitiveness that I associate with baseball. But to be honest, just because I don’t like it does not make it a bad thing.* There is a buzz around it. A noticeable buzz. While surprising to […]

Game-ending grand slams and Lindy McDaniel

For the second time this year, the Indians end a game with a grand slam. According to Retrosheet, there were 188 game-ending grand slams between 1950 and 2010. So, we aren’t talking about an unusual event. Dramatic, yes, but not unusual. In doing some quick research, I was distracted… Lindy McDaniel gave up 11 game-ending […]

Why’s pitching so good? Look at a 2010 rule change

Aren’t we talking about 2010 and 2011 being Years of Pitchers? I find this interesting for many reasons. {exp:list_maker}It would seem perfectly reasonable to argue that the effects of PEDs and greenies being out the game is hurting the batter. Perhaps the ball has changed slightly, giving the advantage to the pitcher. There has has […]

Taking one for the team and victory

When the Mets’ Justin Turner dug in as a Brad Ziegler pitch violated his personal space, the home town fans got to celebrate a 3-2 victory over the Oakland nine*. Since this happened in the media mecca that is New York, it was called unusual. * We can call them that, since they are playing […]

What happens with Pujols and the Cardinals now?

Albert Pujols has proven to be a dependable star, playing in 140-plus games every year since 2001. In addition to showing up nearly every game, he has proven very resistant to slumps. This year, Albert started the year stuck in a prolonged, for him, slump, finally breaking out in June. They he suffering the first […]

Game ending balks

The Mets find a new way to lose, the game ending balk in extra innings. D.J. Carrasco stopped and reset his motion without stepping off the rubber. This allowed the Braves Diory Hernandez to walking in from third base. Not quite the drama of game ending bases loaded triple or the uniqueness of a game […]