One Month Late?

Could the Cardinals have won it all in 1941 if they had just brought up their young phenom a little earlier? Guy named Musial?

Thirteen and counting

I was leafing through my copy of the 2005 Bill James Handbook tonight, and I noticed that Marquis Grissom had, to my surprise, hit at least 10 home runs every season since 1992. Even in the homer-happy era in which he’s played, that’s a rare accomplishment. The only other guys to match that feat: Barry […]

Black Aces

There’s an article on today called “12 Black Aces,” discussing the dozen African-American pitchers who had 20-win seasons in the majors. Here’s the list: Don Newcombe Toothpick Sam Jones Bob Gibson Mudcat Grant Earl Wilson Ferguson Jenkins Al Downing Vida Blue J.R. Richard Mike Norris Dwight Gooden Dave Stewart Notice some missing names? When […]

22-year-old World Series catchers

This weekend, Ken Rosenthal wrote a column in which he discussed the fact that St. Louis will be starting 22-year-old Yadier Molina at catcher. Rosenthal quoted an AL GM as asking, “How many teams have ever won a World Series with a 22-year-old catcher?” The question is clearly rhetorical, implying that it’s pretty difficult for […]

Why Seth Etherton?

I’ve been meaning to comment on this for awhile, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long. On November 1, the A’s signed minor league free agent Seth Etherton. It was a move that went relatively unnoticed, and where it was noticed, it seems to have been met with confusion. The only two major A’s […]

Mr. Selig?

Mike Webber pointed this out to me, wondering if the Commish was the model for “Gilbert Huph.” There’s more than a little resemblance, I must say. And if anyone hasn’t seen The Incredibles yet, you should — great way to spend a baseball-less evening.


First of all, I’m writing this at 2 AM on Thursday morning, somewhere around 3 1/2 hours after the Red Sox won the World Series. Before the game, I was sure that if Boston won, I’d have tons to say about it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s two in the morning, but I honestly […]

Mr. Namee goes to St. Louis

It’s a little past midnight Central Time, and I just got back to my hotel from Busch Stadium, where the Red Sox beat the Cardinals 4-1 to take a 3-0 Series lead. The Sox got Mike Webber and I tickets, which were way up in the nosebleeds (Section 378, at the very top row). That’s […]

Yo, Adrian, we did it

On Bill Simmons’ reader email page, a Sox fan named Joshua Reidy wrote this before the game: This Yankees-Sox series has constantly reminded me of Rocky 2. Last seasons seven-game epic was much like the original Rocky (All we wanted to do was go the distance). This seasons series is much like Rocky 2, the […]