Top games of the week: May 1 to May 7

May began with a bang: Three games get a three stars rank in the first week, and that’s not counting Francisco Liriano‘s and Justin Verlander‘s no-hitters. The reason why such remarkable feats do not make the top five list deserves a few lines of explanation, since the reference article was written five months ago. Games […]

Top games of the week: April 24 to April 30

Another week of baseball is behind us, and the following are the best games that occurred during the last seven days. date game stars 04-25 Braves @ Padres ** 04-25 Dodgers @ Marlins ** 04-26 Giants @ Pirates ** 04-29 Cardinals @ Braves ** 04-30 Angels @ Rays * With a full month of ballgames […]

Top games of the week: April 17 to April 23

Welcome to the Easter edition of top games of the week. Please refer to the More than three decades of exciting games article to understand how the games are ranked. Remember, five stars is for once-in-a-lifetime games, four is for potentially best-of-the-decade contest. date game stars 04-20 Padres @ Cubs *** 04-21 Braves @ Dodgers […]

Top games of the week: April 10 to April 16

Another week of baseball is in the books. The top five games of the past seven days follow: date game stars 04-12 Rangers @ Tigers ** 04-11 Athletics @ White Sox ** 04-12 Reds @ Padres * 04-10 Cubs @ Brewers * 04-12 Athletics @ White Sox * What does it take to get a […]

Top games: March 31 to April 9

Remember the best-games-ever series of articles which ran during the past offseason? In December, the series ranked games from 1974 to 2010 according to their “excitement factor.” In the ensuing weeks postseason games (LDS, LCS, World Series) and series were also ranked. All the hard work of ranking the games from best to worst leaned […]

The exciting games spreadsheet

If you have read the articles on the most exciting baseball games (Part One—Part Two) you were probably expecting something to appear on THT Live. Here it is: my present for you. Follow this link to a Google Spreadsheet that contains data for all the games played since 2006 (all of them should be available […]