Holy mother of Strasburg (with Pitch f/x!)

I think it’s safe to say that there hasn’t been a more hyped prospect since Stephen Strasburg in a long long time. Whether that’s a function of the increased media saturation or Strasburg really being the best pitching prospect ever, it is clear that most every baseball fan across the country was waiting with avid […]

Z to the pen

Fresh off the presses, the Chicago Cubs have decided to move Carlos Zambrano, the Cubs incumbent ace and opening day starter, to the bullpen, while guaranteeing Carlos Silva a spot in the rotation in Z’s place! Okay so it’s somewhat old news, but we here at THT feel a duty to inform the readers of […]

“I was gonna lay down the bunt, but then I got high”

I was watching a Cardinals game a couple of days ago (I believe it was the Sunday night one against the Mets) when one of the announcers mentioned that it was harder to bunt pitches that were elevated in the strike zone. The idea is that, since a successful bunt is almost always going to […]

Rotobase injury DL tool

Some amazing work here from Josh Hermsmeyer: The work was hard, but I’m pleased to report my portion of it is finished (for now). I’m making the CSV file and the SQL dump available for download here. I’m hoping the community will find it useful enough to help me keep it updated. All players are […]

Angels sign Joel Pineiro

For 2 years and 16 million according to ESPN. In 2009, Piniero put up some pretty insane numbers. He struck out 4.42 batters, walked 1.14 and allowed just 0.46 home runs per 9 innings last year. That’s good for a 3.27 FIP in 214 innings, making him one of the best pitchers in baseball last […]

The best defenders of the decade by UZR

MGL gives us some great data. So the best defender of the decade, in terms of overall runs saved, is Andruw Jones, with 161 runs saved. If you look at runs saved per 150 defensive games, given at least 500 defensive games, the leader is… Andruw Jones, at +20 per. If you combine runs saved […]

Cardinals sign Brad Penny… for 7.5 million

I’m not really sure about this one. At first glance, 7.5 million (plus 1.5 million in incentives) seems like a little bit much for Penny. He’s a pretty good pitcher, and coming off of a 173 inning, 4.45 FIP season for the Red Sox and Giants last year. According to FanGraphs’ estimates, that was good […]

Intro to Sabermetrics

Michael Jong, of Marlin Maniac and Beyond the Boxscore, has written quite the nice set of articles outlining some of the major concepts of modern day Sabermetrics at FanHuddle: Glossary: part one, two and three. Runs created The value of walks The “international currency” of baseball (runs) Linear weights He also has several in depth […]

So, just how good was Damon’s steal?

As I’m sure you all have heard, Johnny Damon took advantage of the shift to advance an extra base on a steal of second last night. It was 2 outs in the ninth, and after a walk to Texeira, next batter A-Rod hit a walkoff double. As you can expect, Damon’s steal was given a […]

Cliff Lee turns the Yankees into the Padres

With the Yankees strong favorites to win the world series, 60% before last night’s game according to Baseball Prospectus, the Phillies needed a strong start to the series to get them on the right track. And boy did they get that from Cliff Lee tonight. Against the best offense in baseball, he pitched nine innings […]

Milton Bradley’s plate discipline

Milton Bradley has a lot of problems in life. He’s constantly getting injured, getting into fights with teammates and umpires and is coming off of a season in which he slugged under .400, threw a ball into the stands and got suspended for being a big fat jerk to teammates, fans and the media. However, […]

What’s John Lannan’s secret?  Part 2

Last time, I took a look at one of the bigger enigmas in baseball, John Lannan of the Nationals. To rehash, since 2007, he has thrown nearly 400 innings with a 3.90 ERA. However, based on his peripheral statistics, you would expect his ERA to be in the mid to high fours. The main reason […]