Scoring and run prevention of World Series teams

If you’ve read through the comments on my latest Hardball Times feature—Pitching (almost) always wins championships —you’ll notice that a few have pointed out that my graph may be misleading. Full disclosure: It is. Given that, I’d like to post a couple of additional graphs and some thoughts as an addendum to the original piece. […]

Golden Bear baseball nears extinction

Here’s a list of people you may have heard of: Les Claypool – the God of Bass – is from the band Primus, Julia Morgan was the architect of the Hearst Castle, Aaron Rodgers is a Superbowl MVP quarterback, Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, Gregory Peck won the Academy Award for his portrayal […]

Orioles still chasing .500

The last time the Orioles made it to the playoffs, it was 1997. They fell two wins short of going to the World Series, beaten by the Indians. Since then, well, let’s just say it’s been a rough 13 seasons. Craig Calcaterra, responding to a Keith Law ripping of the Orioles’ moves this winter, has […]

The most underrated player in baseball

If you were going to start a franchise in 2011, which player would you take first: Albert Pujols, Troy Tulowitzki, Evan Longoria, Joey Votto, or maybe Buster Posey? How about Ryan Zimmerman? I might. Rob Neyer just made the fearless jump from ESPN to SBNation, and he’s started to post lists of who will be […]