Larry Rocca’s conflict of interest

Larry Rocca is currently the Director of Development and Alumni Affairs at Georgetown Prep in Washington D.C., which seems like a very rewarding job since he gets to give back to his alma mater. He used to cover the Mets for the Star-Ledger (and briefly the Yankees for Newsday) from 1997-2004. Before that he was […]

Three underrated acquisitions

We’ve heard the sexier names that have gone off the board this offseason: Robinson Cano, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran. But in the midst of these bigger transactions, lesser-known players are still garnering major league contracts. Here’s some analysis on three major league acquisitions you may have missed that could have impact in 2014: 1) Giants […]

Putting the “start” back in starting players

Back when the season was just a few weeks old I wondered if the next stage in baseball’s evolution would be a reversal of the “you start the game, you finish the game” adage for starting pitchers. The theory was that we would see starting pitchers’ innings per game continually decrease (especially in the National […]

Should an NL pitcher’s hitting affect his Cy Young standing?

According to most of the established advanced pitching statistics, Matt Harvey is having a better year on the mound than Clayton Kershaw is. Harvey’s 2.00 FIP and 2.60 xFIP trump Kershaw’s 2.40 FIP and 2.94 xFIP by a pretty solid margin. But although Kershaw is likely to win the Cy Young (and quite possibly the […]

It is inexcusable to release Jon Rauch

I understand that the Marlins don’t have a lot to fight for this season. The rest of the year will be dedicated to (1) developing core players like Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, Jose Fernandez and Justin Ruggiano and (2) trying to hold on to whatever fan base they have left. But given that righty reliever […]

Oh Dusty

Last month I talked about managerial strategy when it comes to pinch hitting for starting pitchers relatively early in a game. In the game I look at, the Giants were down one run and had the bases loaded with one out in the fifth inning. I thought the decision to pinch hit was close but […]

Josh Donaldson and the myth of the ‘New Moneyball’

The 2012 Josh Donaldson seems like Billy Beane‘s offseason hopes coming true: a player the organization had high hopes for helping out during a playoff run. A former first-round pick and catching prospect with the Cubs who came to Oakland in the Rich Harden trade way back in 2008, Donaldson displayed skills that made it […]

Yankees acquire Chris Nelson

Citing injuries and a need for a right-handed bat, the Yankees sent either cash or a player to be named later to Colorado for middle infielder Chris Nelson. With the success of Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay, maybe the Yankees are thinking they can take any below-average hitter and turn him into a star. Nelson […]

Ryan Howard’s odd decline continues

Back in the summer of 2010, I noticed that Ryan Howard was not aging as gracefully as other players. As a big, power-reliant first baseman who loved to walk (he was seventh in all of baseball in 2007 at 16.5 percent), Howard was not taking the traditional “less power, same patience” approach that most hitters […]

Some suggestions to improve the Mets bullpen

Saying that the Mets bullpen is not very good is an understatement. The bullpen season ERA was at 5.57 at one point during Saturday’s game (in which a 3-2 deficit became 8-2 immediately upon starting pitcher Shaun Marcum exiting). Mets fans hope it can only get better from here. I have some humble suggestions: -Promote […]

How did Josh Stinson get to the big leagues?

Do you ever look at a major league roster and wonder how so-and-so got there? For me this is usually accompanied by angrily mumbling the names of 10 Triple-A players who deserve the spot more than so-and-so, and today that so-and-so is Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Josh Stinson, who will start today against Toronto. Just […]

Competing religions of baseball

There are two seemingly unrelated stories that I’d like to take a moment to compare in order to make a point. In the world of economics, public policy, and how not to format a spreadsheet, word has come out that a seminal paper arguing that high debt-to-GDP rates are bad for economic growth was based […]

“Starting” pitcher

It was the top of the fifth inning and the Giants were down by one run to the Cubs last Thursday. The bases were loaded and there was one man away. Hisanori Takahashi, a soft-tossing lefty, was in for Chicago, and the ninth spot in the order was up for San Francisco. This meant Ryan […]

Appreciating an Angel

It was a few days before my 18th birthday in May of 2007 when I went to a Mets-Cubs matinee game. Donning my Oliver Perez jersey (who was pitching that day), I watched as a young Cubs outfielder named Angel Pagan stepped to the plate. With seats right behind the home dugout, it was then […]

Scott Olsen is a different pitcher

Pitchers that last in the majors are the ones that reinvent themselves when something’s not working. In a post about Randy Wolf back in September I commented on this consistent trend: [Wolf is] now a different pitcher. His injury/surgery/time off wouldn’t allowed him to be the same pitcher he was pre-2005. In his early days, […]

David Price’s new curveball

When you have as much raw ability as David Price does, learning a new pitch can be a dangerous weapon. So far this year, Price has begun to toy with a curveball. Although he only threw it 3.9% of the time last year and never in 2008, he’s now thrown it 17.9% of the time […]

Austin Jackson’s wild ride

About two weeks ago in discussing the BABIP leaders and trailers thus far this season I decided to say this: …if Austin Jackson finishes the year with a BABIP > .490, I will eat a Curtis Granderson jersey live online Although Austin Jackson has seen his BABIP rise to .500 to date, I’m still not […]