Jered Weaver versus King Felix is not even close

Rich Lederer decided to compare the careers of Felix Hernandez and Jered Weaver, two pitchers whom he claims have much closer numbers than analysts like Dave Cameron are giving credit for. Maybe they are, but I think this line is unforgivable: Based on age, velocity, and batted ball info, maybe Hernandez projects as a better […]

Dear Mariners: Sign Gary Sheffield

So the Seattle Mariners are terrible offensively; this we all know. Coming into Saturday, the M’s had just just two players with an OPS over .700 (Ichiro Suzuki at .710 and Franklin Gutierrez at .852). With Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Sweeney not doing the “veteran hitter” job they are supposed to, I have no […]

An update on the 2009 Yankees and flyballs

Last August, I noticed that the Yankees were hitting fly balls at a much higher rate . I chalked it up to the giddiness of Yankee hitters at a smaller ballpark, saying: It could be that the lefties are trying to get as many big swings as possible thanks to the hitter-friendly dimensions, and to […]

Is the win a useless statistic?

There’s a mini-discussion going on in the Twitterverse/blogosphere surrounding the usefulness of the “win” as a statistic. Here are some of the opinions: Daily News columnist Jesse Spector: The win is accessible – a single number whose meaning is known on some level by everyone from the casual fan to the diehard. The more you […]

BABIP leaders and trailers so far

We know that BABIP for hitters is a combination of a whole bunch of things, but I just wanted to take a quick look at the polar ends of the category thus far in 2010: Leaders: 1) Austin Jackson (.491) 2) Scott Podsednik (.422) 3) Michael Bourn (.420) 4) Franklin Gutierrez (.415) 5) Shin-Soo Choo […]

Bryce Harper’s makeup

There’s some discussion going on surrounding Kevin Goldstein’s report on Bryce Harper’s makeup in his latest Future Shock. Here’s Goldstein’s take: The Makeup: This should not be underrated. It’s impossible to find any talent evaluator who isn’t blown away by Harper’s ability on the field, but it’s equally difficult to find one who doesn’t genuinely […]

Six questions for Morgan Ensberg

You probably know Morgan Ensberg from his days as an All-Star third baseman for the Astros. However, you should start knowing him better by reading his new baseball website, Morgan Ensberg’s Baseball IQ, which gives an in-depth look to how a former major leaguer goes about the game. Ensberg, who has begun broadcasting college games […]

Spring Break Links

I’m off for Spring Break, as are many college students. To celebrate, here are some sweet baseball links: -Milton Bradley received a questionable ejection yesterday. At least it didn’t get his spirits down. -Please welcome Morgan Ensberg to the baseball blogging world. He’s already put up some impressive stuff. -To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we […]

The 2004 Phillies tried to hit more fly balls

Back in August, I wondered if the homer-happy tendencies of the new Yankee Stadium had an effect on how the Yankee hitters put balls in play. The theory was simple: even if stadiums do not actually play to their commonplace perception (i.e. maybe Yankee Stadium was actually a pitcher’s park), players will respond based on […]

Kiko Calero signs with the Mets

In a Fangraphs post on February 17th, Joe Pawlikowski asked, “Why Hasn’t Kiko Calero Signed Yet”? The answer that came back dealt with Calero’s health, as he had missed basically all of 2008 and parts of the last three seasons due to injuries, mostly involving his right arm/shoulder. Still, THT Fantasy’s Satchel Price was wondering […]

Free Links!

Come get your free, low-calorie links: -Amazin’ Avenue and Talking Chop are both coming out with annuals this year, as SB Nation’s baseball world keeps getting cooler. I was privileged enough to get a preview of the Amazin’ Annual, and as a Mets fan, I can say it’s true awesomeness. Oh, and our own Dave […]

Jenrry Mejia looks like Jenrry Mejia

Over the summer, in a discussion about starters and relievers over at The Book Blog, I said this: I think a lot has to do with preconceived notations of what people think starters and relievers “look like.” Joba Chamberlain “looks like” a reliever. Jamie Moyer “looks like” a starter. I’m sure, on both a conscious […]

BA’s Top 100 Prospects: Something’s wrong

Baseball America released their newest Top 100 Prospects list today, and of course I’m now here to complain. BA ranked OF Fernando Martinez 77th overall, a forty-seven rank drop from last season. Why? Let’s take a look at Martinez’s 2009 season: Triple-A (190 Plate Appearances): .290/.337/.540, .316 BABIP MLB (100 Plate Appearances): .176/.242/.275, .197 BABIP […]

A Call to Arms

Prompted by Richard Lederer’s article at TBA, in which he discusses how the Angels have consistently outperformed their PECOTA-predicted record, and the discussion that has ensued over at The Book Blog, I have a simple request for the baseball community: Somebody figure out what the heck is up with the Angels. If this has been […]

That’s link-tastic!

Some of the more interesting things going on around the interwebs: -A free player injury database courtesy of Josh Hermseyer. Let me echo the rest of the known world when I say thanks, Josh. -Three really cool interviews. One with new Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos and the other with the Senior Quantitative Analyst for the […]

Sabermetrics and sexiness

If you’re confused, see the note at the top of this post for an explanation In a fresh post at his wonderful blog, John Sickels gives his rather timid two cents on the newest advances in sabermetrics, exemplified here: I enjoyed the first two years of grad school and performed well, but in the third […]

David Ross should be starting somewhere

About sixteen months ago, Dave Cameron took a look at a free agent catcher who at the time had not yet found a team: There are quite a few teams who could use some added punch from behind the plate in 2009. If they can get over their obsession with batting average, Dave Ross could […]

How do you spot a lefty masher?

I was extremely excited to find that our saber-partner, Fangraphs, is now hosting splits data on their site. Lefty/righty splits are something that fascinate me. Ever since I was a little kid, I was awed by the idea of having a “lefty masher” on the bench, just in case an opposing manager brought in a […]