Is Kenny Lofton a Hall of Famer?

Thanks to a lack of support for those suspected of steroid use in their Hall of Fame pursuits, a set number of players have used their squeaky clean record in a push for Cooperstown. We can now add Kenny Lofton to that list based on his comments upon being elected to the Cleveland Indians Hall […]

Why Nelson Figueroa is good

The title is the hypothesis, and I’ll take this portion to try and prove it. For those unfamiliar with Nelson Figueroa‘s story, it’s a good one. Figueroa attended Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, which normally churns out basketball players such as Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair. A great student, Figueroa took an interesting path to […]

Avatar Sequel

Nah, just kidding, it’s actually some really cool baseball links! Here they are: -Keep on voting for those BtB Sabermetric Awards (and keep your favorite THT writers in mind). -Our friend Jack Moore takes a neat look at how much teams are paying per win in the arbitration market. -Just how much do farm systems […]

Introducing TRX

As a lover of sabermetric pitching analysis, two of my favorite stats are unsurprisingly xFIP and tRA. xFIP wisely takes into account the factors that a pitcher has control over, while tRA looks at the “quality” of batted balls given up. Both are summed up into nicely-packed numbers that resemble ERA (although one must multiply […]

What cap will Mike Piazza wear in the Hall of Fame?

*Initial note: I’m a Mets fan. Bias is inevitable. As talk surrounding the Hall of Fame swirls, I thought it would be interesting to look ahead to 2012, when (barring some amazing comeback/terrible voting/Mayan-predicted apocalypse) Mike Piazza will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The case is pretty clear cut, and the only question […]

Randy Johnson retiring?

It looks like Randy Johnson is going to announce his retirement tomorrow morning. If so, the Big Unit has timed this one nicely, coinciding the Hall of Fame hoopla with his trot into the sunset. Johnson will end with career totals of 303 wins, 4875 strikeouts, 3.29 ERA, 3.19 FIP, 10 All-Star selections, and 5 […]

2009 MLB Strike % Leaders

In a post over the summer, I looked as to whether Joel Pineiro was getting lucky with his walks. His BB/9 at the time was astoundingly low (1.00), and I figured that it would go up based on his ball:strike ratio (it did, by 14%). This isn’t rocket science at all: Pineiro was maintaining a […]

Mike Silva teaches us a neat lesson

In a post entitled, “wRC+ = Follow the Money Trail,” Mike Silva of NYBD figures out the dastardly plans of the online saber community: make that money. Take it away, Mike: We need more advanced statistics just like we needed Cool Ranch Doritos, New Coke, or a colorful cover for the iPod. What I mean […]

2007-2009 Non-Tenders

So how much better was the non-tender class from 2009 versus 2008 and 2007? Here are your teams, folks: 2007: C Miguel Olivo 1B Jason Lane 2B Aaron Miles 3B Morgan Ensberg SS Adam Everett LF Kevin Mench CF Willie Harris RF Emil Brown SP Mark Hendrickson SP Mark Prior RP Brendan Donnelly RP Chad […]

Not Bad, Kenny Williams, Not Bad

The White Sox sent two prospects to the Dodgers today for the rights to Juan Pierre. While defending the acquisition of Juan Pierre may seem odd, depending on whom the White Sox sent to the Dodgers, this isn’t a bad deal for the ChiSox at all. They only have to pay Pierre $8 million over […]

Sabermetrics 101 at Tufts

Since the beginning of September, Professor Andy Andres has been teaching the 2009 version of Sabermetrics 101 at Tufts University. The class, which is available through Tufts’ Experimental College (which specializes in offering classes in somewhat esoteric areas) is described as follows: This course will teach the fundamentals of the emerging science of Sabermetrics, the […]

Randy Wolf and evolution

Season Age WAR tRA 2002 26 3.5 4.30 2003 27 2.4 5.18 2004 28 1.6 5.71 2005 29 0.5 6.18 2006 30 -0.3 6.97 2007 31 1.7 4.23 2008 32 2.0 4.76 2009 33 3.0 4.27 What happened here that created this inverted bell-curve (if our x-axis was time and our y-axis was WAR)? Keep […]

The Case for Griffey

If you look at Ken Griffey’s numbers this year, they sure don’t stay a lot: wOBA: .321 OBP: .324 SLG: .402 WAR: 0.1 For a DH, these numbers are not exactly “pretty.” Junior was signed in the off-season to $2 million dollar deal that could reach up to $4.5 million if Griffey reached certain incentives. […]

Some food for thought

I’m going to list two groups of players, and all you have to do is go ahead and look them over: Group A: Corey Patterson Eric Munson Luis Montanez Dewon Brazelton Christopher Gruler Kyle Sleeth Philip Humber Jeff Clement Evan Longoria Josh Vitters Group B: Dave Kelton Brian Sanches Bobby Hill Jon Switzer Joey Votto […]

Jerry Manuel and handedness

Do right-handed hitters generally hit lefty pitchers better, and vice versa? The answer is yes; this is generally true of most major leaguers. However, by no means is this applicable to every situation. Sometimes you’d rather have your lefty batter hit against a lefty pitcher, or even bring in a left-handed pitcher to face a […]

Murray Chass makes negative sense

In honor of FJM’s triumphant return to the interwebs today, I want to go ahead and put together my own FJM-style piece (call it Ken Tremendous Karaoke, if you will) on the one and the only, Murray Chass. After reading Dak’s whooping of the guy earlier today, I felt compelled to check out Chass’s not-blog […]

New York Mets top prospects

As a baseball fan and analyst, I consider my knowledge of the minor leagues to be important. However, as a Mets fan, I consider my knowledge of their minor league system to be vital. This is why I have gone ahead and drawn up my list of the Top 40 prospects in the Mets farm […]

How much do you really value defense?

Here’s the situation: you’re the GM of a well-balanced team heading into the 2008 baseball season. You have adequate pitching, defense, and hitting, and all you are now looking to do is round out your team by acquiring a right fielder. Two are available for you, and we’ll assume that both are the same age, […]

Maicer Izturis comes into his own

When Maicer Izturis came up to the big leagues, even he couldn’t be surprised when people compared him to Cesar Izturis. Besides being half-brothers, both were switch-hitting middle-infielders with similar builds. When ran an article about the Izturis brothers, Maicer said, “I try to learn from Cesar, because I like how he plays baseball, […]