Andruw Jones and BABIP

Andruw Jones is definitely having a comeback year relative to his 2008 campaign; however, his wOBA has dipped to .348 on the season, and for a player who is primarily a DH, a .348 wOBA isn’t all that impressive. However, because wOBA takes into account hits, it is influenced by the player’s BABIP, which could […]

What’s a “hit?”…and thoughts on advanced baseball analysis

Andrew Gelman is a professor of statistics and poltical science at Columbia University, and may be most known for his fame as a writer at Nate Silver’s outstanding politics blog, Five Thirty-Eight. In a post at his own blog, Gelman answered a question on sabermetrics, and in his reply wrote the following: There’s often a […]

Is Joel Pineiro getting lucky with his walks?

Warning: Back-of-napkin math will be used. Joel Pineiro is having a phenomenal year, due mostly in part to his Roy Halladay impersonation. He doesn’t walk anyone and gets a bunch of groundballs. Here are his 2009 numbers: 3.03 FIP, 3.31 tRA, 61.1 GB%, 1.00 BB/9 Impressive, I know. His ground ball percentage is absurd. He’s […]

How Darren O’Day got away

I know it’s easy to pick on the Mets right now, but I wanted to point out a small transaction the Mets made earlier in the year that has come back to bite them. In this year’s Rule V draft, the Mets made a steal of a pick by nabbing 26 year-old submarine righty reliever […]

Pudge to the Rangers

Just when I was about to put together something about the catching core of the Rangers that has thus far failed to live up to their expectations, Texas goes out an acquires former golden boy Ivan Rodriguez. But back to him in a moment. The three young studs, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Tyler Teagarden, and Max Ramirez, […]

Are the Yankees trying to hit more fly balls?

The title of this post posits an intriguing question, and although we cannot truly get to the answer (apart from delving into the minds of the players), the numbers are interesting. The new Yankee Stadium has turned out to play like a bandbox, and the Yankee players may not just be taking advantage of it […]

When players delve into advanced baseball stats

For decades fans have grasped the need for advanced analysis of the numbers behind baseball in hopes of better understanding the game. Now, there are three young pitchers who have come out and said that they use saber-esque stats in analyzing baseball, and sometimes their own game: Brian Bannister, Ross Ohlendorf, and Max Scherzer. Their […]

Why Bobby Parnell isn’t a starting pitcher

Last night, Bobby Parnell made his first major league start for the New York Mets against the San Diego Padres. A young, tall, hard-tossing righty who came up the minor league track as a starter before moving to the pen in the majors last year, Parnell got the nod while starting in place of an […]

Selling low and at the wrong time

One of the more under-the-radar deals of the off-season involved two low-budget teams looking to gain ground in the NL East. On Novemeber 11th of last year the Marlins sent Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen to the Nationals for Emilio Bonifacio and two prospects. The Marlins avoided having to go to arbitration with two players […]

Brian Sabean is all in

Texas Hold ‘Em is a game filled with odds, but the numbers are pretty simple. If you have a 35% chance to hit your flush on the turn when someone raises you 45% of your stack, you don’t have the odds to call. However, odds become finicky when you get more and more productive on […]