2015 Season Preview Week!

Baseball is almost here. We’ve earned it. It’s been a long winter no matter where you live, and if you live in certain places in this country it’s been an unforgiving winter. But we can now not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, we can feel it shining on our faces. […]

Classic THT Annual Articles!

Recently, we had a request to reprint Sean Smith’s piece from The Hardball Times Annual 2011, entitled, “Do Catchers Have an ERA?” While the research pieces presented in the Annual over the years have been helpful to the sabermetric community, one thing that isn’t helpful is that they’re not shareable online. Now, Sean’s piece is. […]

Vote for the SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards!

The good folks at the Society of American Baseball Research have chosen the finalists for their 2015 Analytic Conference Research Awards. The Hardball Times is flattered to have the most pieces nominated, but also be the only blog with nominees in each category. It speaks to the great writers we have here at THT, and […]

10 Wishes for Baseball’s 10th Commissioner

On Sunday, Jan. 25, Robert D. Manfred Jr. will officially become baseball’s 10th commissioner. We thought it would be nice to commemorate his taking the mantle of baseball’s most public figurehead with some advice. So, for the next 10 (business) days here at The Hardball Times, we’re going to be running a series of posts. […]

It’s the 2015 SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards!

The end of every year is thick with best of lists, awards, and the like. In certain cases, a work of art will get nominated for an award even if no one has even seen it/consumed it yet. In other cases, a work of art that debuted so long ago that you might have forgotten […]

It’s When the Sparrow Sings!

You’ve been reading it all year. Now, with the post that just went live a few minutes ago, we’ve published the final chapter of Jason Linden’s When the Sparrow Sings. It’s been an incredible ride for Zack Hiatt and his team. But, since it’s admittedly hard to wrap your arms around 11 different internet posts, […]

Just How Rare Is a 14-Pitch Plate Appearance?

Yesterday, Xander Bogaerts had a 14-pitch battle with Phil Hughes. Hughes eventually won, as Bogaerts hit a weak fly ball to center field. But it got me wondering just how rare of an event this was. The venerable Jeff Zimmerman was kind enough to help me find out this very thing: Number of Pitches Per […]

Ooooh, Piece of Candy!

Over the weekend, a link was passed around on the interwebs, and before it gets lost in the ether, I wanted to post it here, because it sounds pretty exciting: The Journal of Sports Analytics The roster the journal is boasting is quite impressive. These are some of the best and brightest minds the game […]

Feedback / “When The Sparrow Sings”

So, the site has been live for a little bit now. We think it came off pretty well, but podody’s nerfect, and we know that there are things that will change. So we want to make sure we keep hearing from you. We are hearing from you in the intro post, but it will continue […]