Importing data into R

Now that you have finished downloading and installing the R software, it is time to try it out. There are no automatic functions in the R program. So all the data and functions have to be input manually using R code. The data can be entered by creating vectors. A vector can hold data by […]

Creating Baseball Graphics Using R

Ever wanted to create “heat maps” like this. Or line graphs like this. Now here’s you chance! These graphics are made through the freely available software simply called R. A powerful software used by scientists, R can be a daunting program to use with its command-line interface that might not be too friendly to those […]

An underrated fastball

According to the BIS scouting data, San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell has the highest total run value for a fastball during the past three calendar years out of all qualified relievers in the majors. He’s ahead of the likes of Matt Thornton and Jonathan Papelbon. So naturally, having access to the PITCHf/x data, I […]

Ubaldo returning to Earth

It’s no question Ubaldo Jimenez is having a terrific season this year. First it was the no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves (first time ever for a Rockies pitcher), then it was the .78 ERA after 11 starts, being named NL starting pitcher for the All-Star game, and garning some serious Cy Young consideration among the […]

Lee is working ahead

Cliff Lee has been the talk recently after being traded to the Texas Rangers and not the New York Yankees over a week ago (for more on the deal, check out Myron Logan’s article here at THT). But my interest in him came before the trade as I found in an article I wrote a […]

Cano’s home runs vs. lefties

Robinson Cano doesn’t have a reverse platoon split, except for his home run numbers. Out of the 16 home runs Cano has hit this season, 10 have been against left-handed pitchers after his 26 home runs during 2009 in which 10 came off lefties. Only Albert Pujols has hit more home runs against left-handed pitchers […]

Hamilton’s on fire

If you want a list of hottest hitters in the Majors right now, Josh Hamilton should be number one on the list. And I’m not saying that because he has a 21 game hitting streak. If I was, I would have said he is tied for first with Jose Guillen (of all players) for hottest […]

Getting ahead in the count

The great pitchers are the ones who work the count in their favor and put the batter in a hole. There are twelve possible ball and strike counts. Out of those twelve there is one that seems to neutral, the first pitch, with five in favor of the pitcher and six in favor of the […]

Starters who switched leagues

As the thick of inter-league play rolls on, there is a heavy urge to compare the two leagues because they are different. I assume that common assumption is that the American League is harder to pitch in because of the DH and notable offensive powerhouse clubs like New York and Boston. I also assume that […]

Ubaldo vs. the benchmarks

Arguably the best pitcher in baseball right now, Ubaldo Jimenez sports a Bob Gibsonian ERA of 1.16 along with the Major League high of 12 wins. Of course his low ERA has been helped greatly by a low BABIP of .232 and the Majors highest left on base percentage (LOB%) of 91.3%. Those numbers are […]

Is the BIS data right?

The Fan Graphs website displays a full plate of baseball statistics ranging from traditional counting numbers to sabermetrics to scouting data. Their scouting data comes from the Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) company which serves Major League Baseball teams and publishers of baseball statistics like Fan Graphs. In an article on Fan Graphs by author Joe […]

BABIP by hit location

This is a very simple question: Where is the best location on the field to get a base hit? It is very difficult for a hitter to put the ball in play exactly where he wants it. But the hitter has a majority influence on where the ball will go. He will either pull it, […]