BJ Upton’s sizzling postseason

After last night, BJ Upton is sporting a healthy .294/.359/.794 postseason line. The batting average and on-base ability are in line with his established performance level, but that slugging is just off the charts. Looks like the shoulder that was bothering him all season might be back in working order. It brings to mind the […]

The Red Sox have the best offense of any AL playoff team

Okay, no surprise there. Pursuant to yesterday’s post, I did the AL teams as well: likely roster, likely lineups, and current Marcel projections. Red Sox: 5.67 runs per game (Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis, Jason Bay, Mark Kotsay, Sean Casey, Jason Varitek, Jed Lowrie). LA Angels: 5.48 runs per game (Chone Figgins, […]

The Dodgers have the best offense of any NL playoff team

Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. The Dodgers scored 4.32 runs per game in the regular season, well below average. But there are a few problems with looking at that figure. First, the Dodgers are not the same team today that they were in April. Second, backups and scrubs are far less likely to […]

6th Annual Fan Scouting Report

Friend of THT Tom Tango is running his 6th annual Fan Scouting Report. Hop on over and add your voice to the chorus. It only takes a few minutes. Bryan already told you about it yesterday, but I have a few things to say about the Fan Scouting Report. Plus, another reminder could never hurt. […]

Projections now updated every week at THT

THT is proud to offer a brand new stat report: Marcel projections updated every single week. You can now track how a player’s projection changes based on his performance over the course of the season. Worried that Jason Varitek’s ice cold July (.581 OPS) affects what we should expect him to do for the balance […]

Is Teixeira really an upgrade for the Angels?

Marcel thinks so. The rest of the year projection for Teixeira is .287/.379/.521. Casey Kotchman, traded to the Braves for Tex, is at .281/.348/.438. That’s over 100 points of OPS. Both are supposed to be good fielders, so we’ll call that a wash. But since the Angels have the AL West all but wrapped up, […]

More Q&D Marcels: Red Sox, Cubbies, Padres

More bloggers check in with second-half projections based on the Quick-n-dirty Marcels utility. Sons of Sam Horn blogger Hairps checks in on the Red Sox and MB from Friar Forecastlooks at the Padres. Colin Wyers from Goat Riders of the Apocalypse projects the Cubs using both Marcel and Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS. From my count, team […]

Marcel versus the Indians and A’s

Kanka Sports uses our Marcel Utility to check out the Indians. And Graham Goldbeck does the same for the Oakland A’s. Remember, Marcel needs lots of data in order to make good estimates, so it may not be the greatest tool for a team full of young players like the A’s. But, it’s better than […]

Updated Marcels utility

Based on some feedback from you all, I’ve updated the Marcels utility I released in my article earlier this week. You can always find the most up-to-date versions at: Remember to enter a players birthdate in order to get the appropriate age adjustment, and remember that adding stats is as easy as copying […]

Paul DePodesta is really smart

What evidence do I have for such a bold title? Because he reads THT, and all of our readers are smart! In his latest straight-from-his-mother’s-basement blog entry, the San Diego Padres executive fills us in on the minor Cha Seung Baek for Jared Wells trade. Says DePo: Our scouts also believe that he pitched a […]

Percival’s changeup

Ken Rosenthal takes a look at Troy Percival’s newest pitch. It’s not everyday that a 38 year-old learns a new changeup. But “learned a new pitch” ranks right up there with “Lasik surgery”, “finally healthy,” and “best shape of my life” as fake-o excuses for altered performance. What do the data say? According to his […]