Hey, somebody gets it!

In the New York Times, Dan Rosenheck wrote about the Diamondbacks’ improbable outperformance of their Pythagorean projection. Such musing was also the subject of THT’s recent “Outsmarting Pythagoras.” One thing I didn’t make clear earlier this week was that not all Pythagorean variance can be brushed aside as non-repeatable “I-won’t-call-it-luck.” Rather, it makes up a […]

It’s up to the hitter

Do pitchers or hitters control the length of plate appearances? The thrilling dénouement to Sal’s series on the length of plate appearances.

The 2007 Fan Scouting Report

If you’re going to use human eyes to evaluate defense, you can trust the word of a few scouts who only get a chance to watch a player a few times a year…or you can ask every single baseball fan on the planet. How can you do the latter? By participating in Tangotiger’s 2007 Fan […]