The Philadelphia marathon

It’s been a long wait for those of us paying attention—and I realize that roll call may begin and end with me—but the wait is over. There has been another 18-inning game in the majors, the fifth 18-plus-inning game this season but the first in over two months. Last night, the Phillies came back from […]

The cool seat

Around this time last year, I wrote on THT Live observing that no manager had been fired through roughly 100 games of the season, and that this was a pretty uncommon event. On the other hand, my writing about this phenomenon turns out to be a pretty common event, because it is happening again this […]

18 again!

It happened again. Not twice on the same day like last Saturday, as I wrote about very soon afterward, but once is notable enough. A baseball game went 18 innings Thursday, this time in Oakland as the A’s staggered past the Yankees, 3-2. My theory is that the rash of no-hitters over the last few […]

Four teams, 38 innings, one historic day

Something happened Saturday in baseball that has happened only once before in the last 97 years, and possibly ever: two separate games went 18 innings or more. The Toronto Blue Jays finally walked off with a 4-3 victory over the Texas Rangers in 18, and the Miami Marlins outlasted the host New York Mets in […]