Surging Sergio

Don’t look now, but San Francisco reliever Sergio Romo is putting together one of those relief-specialist seasons that just blow one’s mind. Let’s put it this way: Romo’s going to have one hellacious Strat-o-Matic card this year. As of this morning, Romo is sporting a 1.78 ERA, but that isn’t his best stat. Not by […]

A bargain worth considering

All right, in the interest of full disclosure: yours truly is the furthest thing from an objective source regarding this book. The author, Bill Gould, befriended me and I read his manuscript and offered him my editing advice. And more than that, I noticed a couple of questionable baseball facts in the manuscript, so Bill […]

2011 Interleague play:  Same old, not-so-same old?

The American League leads the National so far in this year’s interleague play. That isn’t especially noteworthy, given that the AL has held the advantage in interleague play for six consecutive seasons coming into this one. But there are a few details about this year’s interleague competition that might indicate that the AL’s stranglehold over […]