Return of the WPA Inquirer

We used to have this really cool thing on the old Hardball Times website.  It was called the WPA Inquirer and it allowed you to look up the Win Expectancy and Leverage Index of any situation, compare it to another and then calculate the difference between the two.  We call that last thing Win Probability […]

The National League Graph, 2013

Yesterday, I published the American League version of a Team Runs graph—so today is National League Graph day. Every graph deserves its own day, right? Anyway, to mostly repeat what I said yesterday, here is a simple runs scored/allowed graph for the National League this year, through Sunday’s games. Runs scored are on the X […]

The American League Graph, 2013

I’ve been creating these graphs for about 20 years or so. For a while, I mostly created them for myself, because I’m kind of a visual person. When the Internet came along, I posted them on a website of my own ( and then I moved them here to the Hardball Times nearly ten years […]

Me and Bill at the SABR Conference

I’ve already mentioned this—okay, I’ve mentioned it several times—but I won an award for historical baseball analysis and commentary at the SABR Analytic Conference last week. Actually, you folks did the voting, so I want to thank you again. Not only was I sitting next to Bill James when my name was announced (in other […]

The right replacement level

I’m down here at the SABR Analytics Conference, having a blast and learning some cool new things. There was a really nice presentation yesterday on how batters and pitchers perform based on how deep in the strike zone a pitch travels before the bat makes contact. Based on what I saw, we may have found […]

The WBC in a great big graphic

Wondering about the World Baseball Classic and what it’s all about? Check out this cool graphic, courtesy of the Major League Baseball Player’s Association.

Want to work for the Indians?

The Cleveland Indians have a job opening for an Executive Development Fellow (EDF), Baseball Analytics. Not sure if you’re one of those? Here is the job description, direct from Cleveland’s front office: The Executive Development Fellow (EDF) for Baseball Analytics will be exposed to all facets of the Indians baseball operations during this intensive, structured […]

Vote for your favorite articles of the year

In preparation for its analytic conference to be held in early March, SABR is asking you to vote for your favorite articles of 2012. There are five nominated articles in three different categories: Historical Analysis/Commentary, Contemporary Baseball Commentary and Contemporary Baseball Analysis. Nominees include articles from the best baseball sites on the Internet, including Baseball […]

What was your favorite baseball article of 2012?

In a couple of months, at the SABR Analytics Conference, the organizers plan to present awards for three types of baseball writing: {exp:list_maker}Contemporary Baseball Analysis: Honoring the best analysis focusing on a subject related to the modern game(s), team(s) or player(s). Contemporary Baseball Commentary: Honoring the best commentary focusing on a subject related to the […]

Hall of Fame voting, fast and slow

The people who hold the keys to the Baseball Hall of Fame have decided to move slowly. They’re not sure what to think, what with all the crazy home runs and questionable substances floating around the game a few years ago. So they’re taking their time. They’re not going to vote any of these big […]

Petition to change the Hall’s voting

We’ve started a petition to ask the Hall of Fame Board of Directors to change their voting process. It’s related to my article today (Time to push the reset button) and can be found at this link: Petition to Change the Hall of Fame’s Voting Process If you believe that the Hall’s voting process […]

No 2013 THT forecasts

I’ve received a few questions about THT Forecasts, which have been available on the THT website for the past three years. We have decided to drop our THT Forecasts in 2013 and I’ve removed the link to them from our navigation. However, look for Oliver projections on Fangraphs at some point in 2013. Brian Cartwright’s […]

Job Opening at Baseball Info Solutions

If you’ve got some skills in .NET programming and want to work with baseball data, you might be interested in the junior-level job opening at Baseball Info Solutions. Click here to read more about BIS employment opportunities.