Better late than never NL graphs

Yesterday, we brought you the American League version of the Lost Graphs of the Hardball Times Annual. These are graphs that had been published in the THT Annual in the past (until this year and last year, come to think of it) and are featured at my Baseball Graphs site. They’re intended to tell the […]

Better late than never graphs

As we pulled together this year’s Hardball Times Annual, I left something out on purpose. In every previous Annual, we had included league graphs, the ones I created on Baseball Graphs for all previous years. We had decided to pull back on the book’s stats and graphs, so they were left on the drawing room […]

Cyber Monday at the Hardball Times

Special announcement! we’ll give you a 15% discount off the printed version of the Hardball Times Annual 2013 today (Cyber Monday, November 26) only. Use the code EPNHGWRD when you order it at at this site.

Championships Added

The Hardball Times Annual is just about off to the printer—got to finish the cover because we’re self-publishing this year—but I thought I’d give you a heads up. This year, Brad Johnson handles our postseason coverage in bravura fashion and it’s included in the book—unlike previous years, when you had to download the PDF after […]

The Baseball Business

This past year, I twice had the pleasure of serving as a judge in Vince Gennaro’s Diamond Dollars Baseball Case Competition. Vince’s idea is brilliant: develop a business school case study about baseball and ask teams of business school students to present their recommendations for the case. Just like they do at Harvard Business School, […]

Which umps liked Ted Williams most?

So I’m sitting here working on the Hardball Times Annual 2013 (which is, alas, not yet ready for order) and editing a great article by Chris Jaffe on the history of major league umpires and their balls/strikes calling. Meanwhile, over at Bill James Online, Bill posts an article (for subscribers only) that compares the strikeouts […]

Are September games important?

In a word, no. September games, on average, are less important than games in May, June and July. Here’s a table of the relative importance of games by month, from 2008: Month Game LI Apr 0.47 May 0.63 Jun 0.70 Jul 0.64 Aug 0.46 Sep 0.43 As you can see, games (on average) were less […]

Be a scout

Believe it or not, Tom Tango has just opened his tenth (!) annual scouting report. This is a chance for all baseball fans to come together and create that Wisdom of the Crowd thing we hear so much about. Simply go to Tango’s scouting web page, select your favorite team, and fill out the fielding […]

Detailed standings at the all-star break

A couple of times a week, I download a bunch of baseball stats into Excel and generate my own standings table. Since we’re at the official All-Star break thingie, I thought I’d inflict my standings format on you: 7/11/2012 Win Probability Added American League East Temp RS RA PWins Diff Close Bat Starters Bullpen NYY […]

What a no-hitter tells us about WPA/LI

I posted an idea yesterday, a made-up stat just for fun. I called it No-Hitter Added because it was a “real time” stat that apportioned credit among Mariners’ pitchers for their Friday no-hitter. Tom Wilhelmsen was given a lot more credit for the no-hitter than Kevin Millwood, because Wilhelmsen pitched the critical ninth inning when […]

No Hitter Added

The Mariners threw a multi-pitcher no-hitter against the Dodgers yesterday. Sadly, starter Kevin Millwood injured his groin and had to leave after the sixth inning. Millwood had been terrific, facing the minimum number of batters and only allowing one batter to reach base (Juan Rivera walked but was subsequently out on a double play). Five […]

Mo’s wins

Meanwhile on Twitter, CJ Nitkkowski got my attention by calling THT a “nerd blog” and belittling Tom Tango’s analysis that Mariano Rivera is worth about two wins a year to the Yankees. CJ’s blog response was a lot more reasonable (another reason to dislike Twitter) and made the point that the loss of Rivera brings […]

A job with your name on it

The Houston Astros and old buddy Mike Fast are looking for a summer intern for their Decision Sciences group. They’re particularly interested in candidates with good database and front-end skills. If that sounds up your alley, here’s the link.

When are game seven wins inevitable?

Someone interrupted my presentation at the SABR Analytic Conference to tell me that he literally “knew” that the Cardinals were going to win the seventh game of the World Series last year after they broke Texas’ heart in Game Six. Someone else (at least, I think it was someone else) commented on my recent critical […]

How to estimate playing time

The real key to forecasting performance in any year is getting a player’s playing time right. Sure, averages and percentages rise and fall, but they remain outside our best efforts to make them more predictable. Playing time is tough to predict too, but something can be done here. This is where you come in. People […]