My SABR Analytic presentation

Next month, SABR (that’s the Society for American Baseball Research to you people who like everything spelled out) is hosting an analytic conference in Mesa, where the Cubs play spring ball. There are going to be cool speakers, panel discussions, case studies and presentations—you can see the agenda here. Lots of THT friends will be […]

Sign up with Fanduel and get THT Forecasts for free

If you like fantasy baseball, we’ve got a sweet deal for you. Sign up for a new account with Fanduel, the daily fantasy gaming site, and receive a full-season subscription to THT Forecasts for free! It’s a great combination: play a daily game on Fanduel and use THT Forecasts to get the latest player projections […]

Hardball Times Annual on the Kindle

I’ve gotten a few email inquiries about this, so I’d like to remind everyone that The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2012 is now available for the Kindle. This is a less expensive, electronic version of the book, complete with all the great articles By Rob Neyer, John Dewan, Craig Calcaterra and the rest of our […]

It’s THT Dispatch

We’ve got a new feature here at the Hardball Times. It’s called THT Dispatch, and it’s a newly featured blog on the site (you can view a link for it in the links at the top of the page—between THT Live and THT Forecasts). The idea behind THT Dispatch is that our writers will regularly […]

Fast goes Astro

The Internet is abuzz with the news that baseball analyst extraordinaire Mike Fast has been hired by the Astros. Mike will report to Sig Mejdal, who was made famous by Sam Walker’s book Fantasyland. They promise to be powerful contributors to the Astros’ braintrust. The press release states that Mike is a Baseball Prospectus writer, […]

SABR Analytics Conference

The Hardball Times is proud to be one of the sponsors of a brand new thing, the SABR Analytics Conference. We’re sponsoring this conference along with other well-known baseball organizations and websites such as Bloomberg Sports, Baseball Reference, Baseball Prospectus and Fangraphs. The conference, to be held in Mesa from March 15-17, is available to […]

THT Forecasts

You may have noticed that we’re having a couple of technical problems with THT Forecasts. Hopefully, these will be fixed soon. UPDATE: THT Forecasts is working again. Thanks for your patience.

Morris vs. Blyleven

The Hall of Fame results will be announced next week, and the subject of Jack Morris continues unabated. I admit that it’s hard for me to take the Morris Hall of Fame campaign seriously, but Chris Jaffe predicts he’ll get 65 percent of the vote. That’s astonishing to me. A lot of people have written […]

THT Annual: What do you think?

The Hardball Times Annual 2012 started shipping from ACTA last week. If you ordered yours from ACTA, you should have it now. If you ordered it from Amazon, you’ll get it soon. If you don’t like to order stuff online, it will be in bookstores (at least, the ones still open) pretty soon. So, what […]

Now shipping: the THT Annual

The Hardball Times Annual is, well, an annual event around here. I’m happy to say that this year’s event arrived at ACTA’s offices yesterday. If you ordered a copy from ACTA, as described in this article, you will receive it early next week. If you ordered from Amazon or some such silly place, you’ll have […]

PITCHf/x reference

Mike Fast wrote a terrific introduction piece to the PITCHf/x system in our Hardball Times Annual 2010. He was recently asked, via Twitter, about good introductions to the system and mentioned the article that, alas, was still stuck in paper form. Well, I’m almost done with the 2012 Annual (look in this space for more […]

My postseason awards

I guess we all have our own approach to the MVP debates, but I like how Joe Posnanski recently grouped things into two approaches: the “narrative” approach and the “best” approach. The official MLB guidelines don’t really get into this type of nuance, but sportswriters are paid to find stories on (and off) the field, […]

New iThing App

I’m always on the lookout for great baseball apps for my iPad, or your iPhone, or anyone’s iThing. Baseball Mobile is a worthy addition to the list. Baseball Mobile provides an easy way to look up the basic stats of any player in the majors. The emphasis is on the current year, but you can […]

Be heard!

Tango has his annual Scouting Report running over at his site. This is one of the best, funnest and (forgive my hyperbole) most important baseball projects on the web. Be sure to participate by rating the players you know best.

Glad you left

Good buddy Bojan Koprivica sent me a graphic the other day, in which he included the best park performances by visiting players over the past two years (minimum of 30 plate appearances). These are the batters that teams were happy to wave goodbye to. Here it is:

The most average team

I was reading Bill Chuck’s newsletter this morning and was struck by this statement: This season, the Blue Jays have been 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 13-13, 20-20, 21-21, 22-22, 23-23, 24-24, 26-26, 28-28, 29-29, 30-30, 32-32, 34-34, 35-35, 36-36, 39-39, 47-47, 49-49, 50-50, and today they are 51-51 and 15-15 in their last 30 games. The […]

Job opening at the Indians

If you’d like a job in baseball and know your web-based applications, call the Indians about this job opening: Executive Development Fellow (EDF) – Web Software Development, Baseball Systems Full job posting and application process can be found online at The primary responsibilities of the EDF are to assist the Software Development staff with […]