Stats and Graphs

We’ve taken our first run at adding some useful stats and graphs to the site. Check them out. You can view the graphs in the “Teams” section. They include divisional standings and breakdowns of offensive and defensive strengths for each team. The “Stats” section contains our first run at daily stats. Right now, we’ve focused […]

No Hitter Gone

At Wrigley, Matt Clement just lost his bid for a no-hitter on a home run by the Mets’ Karim Garcia in the seventh inning. Clement had just struck out Piazza on a tough at bat, and it looked like he might be on a roll. But Garcia connected to straightaway centerfield. Clement is on — […]

Pitching Line Drives

Yesterday, we showed you the batters who have been most successful hitting line drives this season. How about pitchers, you ask? Well, here is a list of all American League teams, ranked by the number of line drives they have yielded per at bat so far this year. BAL .110 DET .132 BOS .140 TBD […]

THT Leaders: Line Drives

Which batters have been hitting the most line drives? THT has the data, and following is a list of top ten batters in either league, with a minimum of 20 at bats, according to the proportion of at bats in which they’ve hit line drives. Lo Duca P. .426 Redmond M. .417 Laird G. .382 […]

THT Leaderboard: AL DER

Here’s a list of American League starters who’ve compiled the best DER so far (minimum of 12 innings pitched). DER is the percent of batted balls that have fallen in for hits. A low DER is an indication that the pitcher has great fielders behind him or gives up “fieldable” batted balls, or is just […]

THT Leaderboard: StL RC/G

The St. Louis Cardinals’ offense is off to a phenomenal start, the best in the majors. Here’s a list of every Card batter with at least thirty plate appearances, and his Runs Created per 27 Outs. Rolen S. 11.1 Edmonds 10.8 Womack T 10.3 Sanders 9.3 Pujols A 8.2 Renteria 8.1 Matheny 7.1

THT Leaderboard: AL OPS

THT will soon have in-season stats updated daily for you. While we’re working out the kinks of the system, we thought you might like to see some leaderboards. Here’s a simple one: OPS leaders in the American League, for players with a minimum of 20 plate appearances. Lopez, J 1.288 Beltran, C 1.234 Blanco, H […]

Sosa: 2 HR’s in 2 AB’s

Sammy Sosa has already hit two home runs today, moving past Ernie Banks to become the all-time Cubbie home run leader. He’s now got 514 home runs, and it looks like he’s found his batting approach again. In his third at bat, Cincinnati surprisingly chose to pitch to him, with runners on second and third […]

The Anderson Deal

A lot has been written and said about the Garrett Anderson contract. I would like to throw in my two cents worth, based on this article. GA is actually going to be paid about $13M a year for four years, because the Angels will have to buy out the fifth year of his contract. Last […]

Mets sign Steve Trachsel through 2006

The Mets just signed Steve Trachsel to a one-year extension through 2006. As a Mets fan, I can only ask, “Why?” Steve Trachsel has put together a couple of good years for the Mets, but he was already under contract for this year, with an option for 2005. Why add another year that guarantees the […]

Mets trade Cedeno

Incredibly, the Mets found a taker for Roger Cedeno: the St. Louis Cardinals, who traded Chris Widger and Wilson Delgado for him. The Cardinals were short on outfielders, with only Jim Edmonds, Reggie Sanders and So Taguchi on their roster, and the Cards didn’t want to be forced to move Albert Pujols back to the […]

Remembering Honus Wagner

Sunday night, TNT will show “The Winning Season,” a movie about the guy who is likely to remain the greatest shortstop of all time, if ARod continues to play out of position. A look back at the accomplishments of the man called “The Flying Dutchman.”

It’s the First of April

Two important events in baseball were rolled out today: David Pinto’s Baseball Musings has uncovered some real dirt, and Bud Selig has started his own blog. See these today! They may not last for long.

The Golden Age of Managing?

In its preseason preview today, the Chicago Tribune focused on managers, calling this the “Golden Age of Managing” (registration is free). I don’t mean to quibble, but this article bugs me for a couple of reasons. One, the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were truly the Golden Age of Managing. In those days, there were […]