THT on the Air

Studes is going to make a radio appearance this evening on KRMS 1150 in Missouri. Don’t live in Missouri? No problem, they webcast live. Studes and KRMS’s Brendan Mathews will be previewing the AL Central between 6:30 and 7pm CST. Update: Studes and Brendan mentioned a few specific articles on the air. Here are direct […]

More on Knott

Yesterday, Matthew lamented the Padres’ demotion of Knott, pointing out that they didn’t even give him a chance (14 AB). I watch nearly every Padre game, and I have been wondering why Bruce Bochy would not use him more. He has consistently shown a preference for Kerry Robinson, Jeff Cirillo and Miguel Ojeda off the […]

Diplomacy in Action

In the last few years, a few players have taken large sums of money from teams in exchange for promising to wear that team’s cap at his inevitable HOF induction. The HOF responded to this distasteful practice last year by announcing that they would consider a player’s wishes, but would base the decision on “where […]

Early Returns on the New Parks

OK, it’s very early and the sample sizes are ridiculously small, so you’ll need to take this with boatloads of salt, but I ran some quick numbers on the new parks in San Diego and Philadelphia. Looks like most of the commentary about these parks is backed up by the facts; below is the average […]

Premature elimination

The THT writers have been discussing award predictions for 2004 recently, and Matthew Namee noted that one of our consensus picks was at risk: “The latest word on Prior is that he could be out for a month, which would just about kill his Cy Young chances.” It’s a good thing Matthew used the qualifier […]

A Project for Leo

The Chicago Cubs have had in their employ an intriguing yet inconsistent young pitcher named Juan Cruz. Cruz has yet to turn his dominant stuff into any kind of sustained major-league success, and the Cubs’ brass has seemed to give up on him. Cubs fans have turned their attention from dreaming about Cruz’s future to […]

Batter’s Box – Statistical Evaluations of College Hitters

Our own Craig Burley does some terrific work here. I’m sure the cutting-edge teams have already done this in-house, but I don’t think the public has ever seen data like this. I await the rest of the series. I think the next big thing down this path will be college MLEs (or something similar). I […]