Pirates claim Brandon Wood

The former prospect reclamation project continues in Pittsburgh. Strange, it doesn’t seem too long ago that a skinny 19-year-old shortstop named Brandon Wood first gained attention after clubbing 43 home runs in the Cal League. The year was 2005, and the bandwagon runneth over as Angels fans eagerly awaited the next franchise-changing shortstop to arrive […]

The mess in Dodgerland

Earlier today news broke that Major League Baseball will assume ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers. You can read Commissioner Bud Selig’s official statement here. After years of mismanagement coupled with a messy divorce between owner Frank McCourt and his wife, former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt, the team has found itself saddled with over $400 […]

Francisco Liriano on the block

Late last night, Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the Twins are exploring the possibility of trading Francisco Liriano before the 2011 season. On the surface, this may be nothing more than exploratory talks but the question remains: Why would a team expected to contend in the AL Central suddenly put its […]

Michael Young to the Rockies, revisited

Yesterday, reports came out that the Rangers are (again) exploring the idea of trading Michael Young to the Colorado Rockies. Since his role became diminished this offseason, Young’s current contract and unwillingness to play as “Super-Utility Man” could become a problem for the Rangers as next season plays out. Of course, this is mere speculation, […]