1. ElBonte said...

    He lost me at “David Ortiz, one of the games most clutch hitters…”

    However, I support letting the managers shed the uni in favor of other official team clothing, kind of like the NFL.  The reason: Lou Pinella.

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    While I see the logic of his points I also see counter arguments.

    Carlton Fisk was a pretty tall catcher I wish the Red Sox never let get away.

    I think the Yankees would have loved not seeing Dave Roberts enter the game as a pinch runner.

    If your closer hasn’t pitched in several days and needs some work – why not bring him in to close out a game with a three run lead.

    How about the managers being required to wear official MLB team merchandise but not necessarily the same uniform as players.  I would have no problem seeing a manager or coach sporting such a look – that’s basically what Francona and Gardenhire alerady do.

  3. Will said...

    A list of bad ideas in baseball that does not contain: The DH, Alternate Jerseys, “Fashion” Caps, and Playing the World Series in late October is not a complete list.

  4. hermitfool said...

    “Fashion caps?” Are you talking about those excremental spring training caps with the nautical swatch above the ear? How in blazes did those survive more than one season?  When the lynch mob gathers outside Bud Selig’s house I’ll be the fat guy holding a pitchfork with a missing tooth and a sign denouncing fashion caps.

  5. dtro said...

    I have no problem with managers wearing uniforms. A baseball uniform is just pants and a button-down shirt. I guess it would be cool if managers wore suits, but only if they had to wear Tom Landry hats too.

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