Bargain Bin Burrell

According to Rosenthal, it’s two years and $16 million for Pat the Bat:

The Rays, filling their need for a power hitter, are close to signing free-agent Pat Burrell to a two-year, $16 million contract, according to major-league sources.

Burrell, 32, will serve as the team’s designated hitter. The Rays, nearing their payroll limit, could use some combination of Ben Zobrist, Gabe Gross and Fernando Perez in right field.

The Rays had considered a number of free agents, including Milton Bradley and Jason Giambi, to fill either their DH or right-field vacancies.

That a really good deal for a guy who will get on base at a .370 or .380 clip and slug .500. Much better than the one the Phillies gave to the guy who is replacing him in left.

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  1. Mike said...

    It says the Rays will use Ben Zobrist, Gabe Gross and Fernando Perez in right field but they traded for Matt Joyce who will be better than any of those guys.

  2. Luis Venitucci said...

    Do not understand why the METS didnt try to get him-granted he has the bad D, but they need a big RH bat pretty badly AND a LF- what was wrong wi Burrell?

  3. matt said...

    You know who could have used a player like Burrell?  The Phillies, that’s who.  Maybe I should give Amaro at least one regular season game at the helm before I rip into him too much, but so far he smacks of dumb.

  4. Daniel said...

    But Matt, the Phillies have the mighty Raul Ibanez now!  I mean, RAUL IBANEZ!

    Actually, now that Ibanez can’t pick on the Angels 19 times a year (I swear his career OPS against them is like 1.500), you may find yourself disappointed.  Yeah, this Amaro guy isn’t impressing with his decisions so far.

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