Baseball Infographics

This has been all over the Internets since Friday or so — and it’s so brilliant that I’d be shocked if it wasn’t picked up elsewhere before then — but I somehow didn’t see it until this morning. I wish I had this one handy the last time I threw a Wahoo bomb. This would be a good one to mix up and use as a quiz for hardcore fans. This one is simply inspired.

Say goodbye to your afternoon.

(thanks to Adam Feit for the heads up — Adam, in turn, got it from RAB, so thanks to those guys as well).

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    Fun site – I think I appreciate you introducing it to me as I suspect I won’t get much done for the rest of the day as I will be trying to figure out all the ballparks.

  2. Paul said...

    Wu-Tang would have called up Cappadonna from AAA to take ODB’s place on the roster.

    Also, Ghostface would replace Ripken as baseball’s true iron man.

  3. Chris said...

    Wow, there is no way I’d put ODB in right field.  Putting aside the fact that he’s dead (I just laughed a little at a Simpson’s moment I had in my head), he would not have the arm strength or the athletic ability.  I’d put him at 1B or LF.  My preference would definitely be at 1B as I could imagine hilarious chatter occurring.

    Depending on how much you value the defensive and game-calling of a Catcher, you could probably stick ODB there as well.  I could see some great smack talk going on as he riles up the batter.  I definitely wouldn’t put him there for any other reason than that and the fact that at least it’s EXPECTED he’d post low offensive numbers.

    The rest of the positioning is passable.

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