Batting Stance Guy

You’ve seen him on YouTube. Now learn more about him at the NYT:

[Gar] Ryness has a singular talent: an ability to perform comically dead-on impressions of major league baseball hitters upon request. Little Leaguers have been known to try to imitate their favorite ballplayers. Ryness, 35, a married father of two, can do the starting lineups of all 30 teams.

Views of his YouTube videos number more than a million, and he appeared last year on several teams’ pregame shows. Sony also hired him to perform his impressions while wearing movement-tracking electrodes, helping programmers make the company’s MLB 2009: The Show video game look more realistic. Most recently, Ryness has made appearances on MLB Network’s team preview shows, displaying his encyclopedic knowledge of batters past and present. He has archived his body of work on a Web site,

In addition to enjoying his work, I’m happy he’s around for one other reason: he makes one more 35 year-old married father of two spending way too much of his free time on baseball stuff. His wife and my wife could probably have quite a conversation about how truly disappointed they are in each of us.

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  1. Kelly said...

    I have to disagree with the article’s author that his talent is singular. As the author notes himself, many have tried the same. It’s just that this guy is the only one who has—let’s say—applied his talent.

    Yeah, I nitpick much.

  2. Nevin said...

    Kelly: Have you seen this guy, though?  I disagree with you, I think it is a pretty singular talent.  Watch some of the MLB Network’s 30 In 30 shows, he starts going through stances on demand from the studio guys, and not just of current players.  For the show on the Braves, he hit Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Ron Gant, Deion Sanders, as well as current players like Chipper, Diaz, McCann.  Yes, someone else dedicated enough could probably do this, but as throughly?  As well?  I’m doubtful.


  3. Millsy said...

    I guess I’ll be the first to say I just got laughed at by the lady while watching that for 20 minutes over morning coffee.  I might be young enough that I can get away with it though.

    This guy is my hero.

  4. Kelly said...

    Nevin: No, I have not seen him. I’ll take anyone’s word that he’s very good. But, essentially he’s doing impersonations. Part of doing impersonations is the mannerisms, too. How many comedians have you seen do impersonations of Ronald Regan or Bill Clinton of Jack Nicholson? Some are better than others, and certain ones are known for doing the best impersonations of certain celebrities. All I’m saying is that if there were others who dedicated themselves to doing batting stances, they’d probably be very good at it, too. As good as this guy? Maybe. No one knows, since he seems to be the only guy doing it. And kudos to him if he can make a buck off of it.

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