Suttles’ Bat*

Scott Simkus is taken with a story/press release from the Louisville Slugger Museum about the bat used by Negro Leaguer George “Mule” Suttles. Apparently he swung a 37-inch, 50 ounce stick.


*I changed the name of this post because some people questioned whether I was going for a joke based on a racial stereotype. Such a thing was certainly not my intention, as I’m completely colorblind when it comes to making juvenile penis jokes. But I understand how such a thing can be misconstrued as links get passed along and readers come at it with less and less familiarity with my writing style. And before the comments begin, please know that it’s neither my intention or desire to cater to the most sensitive readers in the world with this edit. It’s simply a matter of saving myself some valuable time. I mean, if I’m going to spend any time defending my level of racial senstitivty, it’s going to be done in the service of a post that actually has something to do with race, not something trivial like this.

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  1. Public Service Announcement said...

    Just for clarification: After looking long and hard (if you’ll pardon the expression), the word “schlong” doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the story.

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