Bluff called

Manny has amazingly rejected the Dodgers’ latest offer, and now it seems that the Dodgers have had it with Boras:

At 8:30 p.m. tonight, the Dodgers made the rather unusual move of issuing a statement that shows their exasperation with Manny Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras:


LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers today received a letter from Scott Boras, the agent for Manny Ramirez, rejecting the offer that the club made yesterday. This rejection is the fourth by the agent in the club’s attempts to sign Manny.

“We love Manny Ramirez,” said Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt, “And we want Manny back, but we feel we are negotiating against ourselves. When his agent finds those ‘serious offers’ from other clubs, we’ll be happy to re-start the negotiations.

“Even with an economy that has substantially eroded since last November, out of respect for Manny and his talents, we actually improved our offer.

“So now, we start from scratch.”

Every time I’ve doubted Boras he has proven me wrong to do so. This time? Man, I’m having trouble picturing this turning out well for Manny.

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  1. crowhop said...

    I am one to almost always side with the player in negotiations such as this; with the exception of when my team is involved, of course (so they can sign other players). 
    I have, for whatever reason, wanted the players to get as much as they could while they could and “take it to the man”, so to speak.  However, this is a situation where I am really hoping Manny/Boras are forced to take even less than previously offered.  It would be the ultimate pie in the face for both, primarily Boras.  But we all pretty much know how this is going to play out and at the end of the day, Boras will continue to be Boras and we all know who Manny will be.

  2. Scafeets said...

    …and I’ve got this guy in a big-money keeper league, and I’m thinking: “The guy’s flaky enough to just sit out a year, or sign a 1-year contract to play in Japan, or Italy, or some far-away galaxy.

  3. pete said...

    A few thoughts:

    1. As someone who’s rooting for the Manny/Boras side in this, I’m kind of getting nervous. I hope Boras knows what he’s doing (of course he does).

    2. I’d love to see Manny get his money with the Giants, not only to drive the finger-wagging crowd crazy, but because that would be a seriously interesting (and seriously good) team if you add Manny.

    3. Yeah, Manny needs the Dodgers, but the Dodgers also need Manny. Is this deal (or something close) really not going to be on the table a week from now? There are no real alternatives left, they aren’t favorites without Manny, and the fact that they’ve made this offer says that it works in their budget—the only reason to withdraw is out of spite.

  4. J. McCann said...

    I get the impression that the Giants are not so willing to pay big money up front, but are more open to a longer term back-loaded deal.

    I just can’t see how he can do better than 45M over the next 2 years, but I would not discount the possibility he goes to Japan or sits out awhile.

  5. themarksmith said...

    I would like to take the time to remind everyone that Manny is as much if not more egomaniacal than Boras. If this deal isn’t done, it could be as simple as Boras pleading with Manny, saying they’ve won and got more money than the options were going to, but Manny Being Manny has sserious ego issues and refuses to sign the deal. I don’t think Boras is dumb enough to let this continue, but I’d bet $100 that Manny is, or at least narcisstic enough.

  6. YankeesfanLen said...

    Now I don’t know what’s up.  For most of the winter, I thought the Yankees where going to move in but their interest and need keeps waning while the price never comes down. Maybe still- it would create a distraction from A-Rod- what’s that worth?
    Otherwise, Manny is SOL, the Dodgers are showing their boredom.

  7. Matt Sullivan said...

    I see this as a sign that only a three year deal will land Manny with any team at this point. That makes sense from Manny’s point of view. Right now he is one of the best hitters in the game, but if he were to seriously injure himself or start to slide some his lack of defense, poor attitude and the circus of choas he brings with him would mean getting $20M next year or in 2011 would be pretty much impossible.

    This is the same player put on waivers after the 2003 season by the Red Sox and no wanted to pay for him. He was in his prime then, had just finished 2nd in the batting title and had not yet developed the reputation for sitting out games when his team needed him. 

    I am glad to see that Boras/ Manny are further painting themselves into a corner. Much like the Dice-K negoatations I think Boras and his client will have to settle for something much less than they wanted to avoid looking completely foolish on this one.

    I feel like in the end the Mets/ Giants offer 3 years $65M and get him. A far cry from the 100M/ 4 years the Boras/ Manny camp wanted.

  8. Beanster said...

    “Gas is up and so am I” – Manny 10/15/08

    Avg. U.S. Retail Gas Prices (weekly data)
    Then: $3.11
    Now:  $1.87

    % change: -40%

  9. Chris H. said...

    Current buzz seems to be that the hangup on the Manny/Boras side was the backloading of the deal.

    According to (which is quoting Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times):

    “Under the terms of the contract that Ramirez was offered by the Dodgers on Wednesday, he would’ve received $10 million this year. And by exercising the option for the second year, he would’ve received $10 million in 2010.

    Ramirez, who turns 37 in May, would’ve been paid the remaining $25 million over the next three years without any added interest. He would’ve received $10 million in 2011, $10 million in 2012 and $5 million in 2013.”

    It goes on to say that Boras countered with the same numbers ($45m/2 yr) and language but without the deferring of money.

  10. Ron said...

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  11. APBA Guy said...

    What a risk for the Giants to sign Manny.

    The notion is that the Giants are this year’s Rays. All they need is Manny to galvanize them. Trouble is, too many people have watched the Giants youngsters play. Nobody is going to be confused with BJ Upton or Evan Longoria.

    Adding Manny at $ 20M per year pushes the Giants way over budget. To justify that they have to go deep in the playoffs. They won’t do that listening to a rousing chorus of “ball four” every time Manny comes to the plate.

    And Manny can’t quit on a team loaded with younger players. How would management deal with a clubhouse full of 24 year olds being taught that it is in their best interests to pout, dog it, and roll over?

    How happy will Manny be walking twice a game and gettinmg maybe two pitches to hit? Imagine Manny pouting in the vastness of the At & T outfield, with Aaron Rowand shaded well to right. Opposing teams will be turning singles into doubles on everything hit to left.

    SF had one great hitter at a huge contract for a long time. When they made the series it was because the rest of the team was strong enough so that that one great hitter could make a difference in winning games. Not only was he a great hitter, but during the Giants playoff years, he was a great defender and good baserunner.

    Manny is a great hitter. But defensively at AT&T;he’s a huge liability, especially if he starts pouting again. And the rest of the team just isn’t there yet. The Giants have a a playoff caliber top of the rotation, but every thing else has yet to develop.

    Signing Manny is a huge risk for the Giants.

  12. Daniel said...

    Even discounting that backloaded deal at 5%, you still get almost $40 million of net present value.  So I suppose that it’s really not an upgrade from their previous offer, but it’s better than any other offers out there.

    I’m not necessarily rooting for McCourt or any other owners in this fight, but I am definitely rooting against Manny and Boras.  I’d like to see their egotism get taken down a notch.

  13. Chris H. said...

    I don’t have any real rooting interest in this fight, other than (A) I tend to favor the players for the same reason most do, and (B) I’d just as soon not see Manny end up in the NL and face my Cubbies 7 or 8 times this year.

    I’m still not convinced in the brilliance of Boras, however.  Most of his high-profile successes have revolved around top-tier players; it seems to me that getting a boatload of money for a Manny or an A-Rod shouldn’t be that tough.

    Now, get a huge deal for Adam Eaton or Doug Mientkiewicz.  That’d impress me.

  14. george said...


    “As someone who’s rooting for the Manny/Boras side in this, I’m kind of getting nervous. I hope Boras knows what he’s doing (of course he does)”

    See Jason Varitek

  15. pete said...

    It could be that Boras simply misread the market, or maybe he and Varitek weighed the chances of some sucker giving him a massive payday against the eventual outcome (which was the worst-case outcome from the start), or maybe Varitek insisted on getting a 2-year deal somewhere…

    I don’t think it’s quite as easy as you make it seem and, given his track record, I’ll lean towards Boras having his way in the end.

  16. Teej said...

    Now, get a huge deal for Adam Eaton or Doug Mientkiewicz.  That’d impress me.

    He did get Willie Bloomquist a two-year deal. That’s pretty damn impressive.

  17. scot said...

    Is it possible that Boras and Manny are as fed up wit the Dodgers and they are with Manny? I mean to the point where Manny would take a one year deal up in San Fran for 20 Million or so and just take it out on LA and the rest of the NL West all season, then re-test the market again next winter?

  18. Oldpaddy said...

    Pete, varitek wasn’t feilding other offers. At least not seriously.
    He didn’t after 04 and didn’t this time around. He’s actually one of those freaks that wants to stay with one team his whole career. He’s stated this before and I think boris has as well.  I have a feeling if his agent wasn’t boris he would have gotten his 2yr deal a lot earlier.
    Oddly enough there’s another player on the sox who’s the same way (though he started his career with the pirates), tim Wakefield.

  19. Richard Dansky said...

    I almost get the sense that this is at least partially about Boras saving face for himself, both as proof to potential clients than he can squeeze blood from stones and in terms of maintaining his rep. Manny’s signing will be a huge story, and if he gets less than the Dodgers’ original offer the narrative that comes out of it is “Boras screwed up.” If that narrative gains traction, then that’s damaging to Boras’ business, and, in the words of Mike Shropshire, We Can’t Have That Sort Of Thing.

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