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Marlins stadium rehash

It wasn’t that long ago that the whole financial statement leak happened and since then, there hasn’t been a whole lot of noise about the numbers. That still doesn’t mean people aren’t thinking about it because there are still some Miami-Dade County commissioners who want to reopen the Marlins’ stadium deal to make sure what the Florida Marlins were selling were actually the facts. Two commissioners have sponsored a resolution to have the county mayor initiate dialogue with the Marlins to see if the stadium contract can now be amended to reduce the public’s contribution to the ballpark.

Sarah Talalay has done a fantastic job of covering this issue and if you want to catch up on what’s been happening with the Marlins and their stadium, I highly recommend you go through her blog archives. At this point she thinks any amendments to the stadium deal would be unlikely.

MLB explores new seven-day disabled list for concussions

There’s been some noise about the potential for a new seven-day disabled list that would apply just to players with concussions. This would be in addition to the 15- and 60-disabled lists that are already in place. A baseball subcommittee is looking at it now and if they approve, then it would have to be approved by Bud Selig then finally the players’ union.

I’d say this is a little tricky. While you definitely want to take care of your player’s with concussions, having a separate disabled list for a specific injury may be opening a door to some big time abuse. It’ll also be interesting to see how it’s monitored and what checks they put in place to make sure teams aren’t abusing it to their benefit.

Fox-Cablevision dispute could threaten World Series viewership

I haven’t talked too much about this but News Corporation and Cablevision have now been in an extended feud . Now with baseball’s postseason heading into their crown jewel, the World Series, many New York residents are going to be left without an immediate way to watch the game because of this disagreement. At odds is News Corporations price and at this point, Cablevision is hoping for some government intervention to resolve the dispute. This could also be precursor to another possible blackout because News Corporation and Dish Network have also been at odds.

It’d be interesting to see how baseball fans react. Some may have already covered themselves by changing cable providers. Others might just go to a friend’s house while you might also see a gradual increase in bar attendance during the series. My guess is, if someone wants to watch the game, they’ll figure out a way with or without Cablevision.

LCS most watched since 2007

Both the NLCS and the ALCS were the most watched in the last few years with some interesting match-ups. The NLCS on FOX was the most watched since 2006 with an average of 9.05 million viewers. The ALCS on TBS was the most watched since TBS began airing the round in 2007 with 8.22 million viewers. Game six of the ALCS was the second most viewed game on cable television with only the 2008 game seven ALCS beating it out.

Wrigleyville Magazine

Whether you’re a Chicago area resident and a Cubs fan or you plan on visiting the area and want some ideas on what to do before or after you attend a Cubs game, I highly recommend you check out the inaugural issue of Wrigleyville Magazine. In the first issue, you can read about the River North Rockit Ranch restaurant, Murphy’s Bleachers, the Underground Lounge, Wrigleyville Sports as well as a nice status report on the local real estate market. You get a really nice flavor for how these local establishments not only cater to Cubs fans, but are Cubs fans themselves.

The first issue ends with a heart warming story about a young girl, Kattarina, who got her Cubs wish and how Wrigleyville Magazine went above and beyond the call of duty to help out. Wrigley Field is definitely on my list of parks to visit and having a resource like this definitely can make the experience a more fulfilling one.

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  1. steve27 said...

    Here’s what you need to know about Wrigleyville.  It’s filled with bars where the pretentious Northside elite like to congregate and be overserved.  Periodically, a baseball game worth watching breaks out but most of the locals are oblivious to this fact.  Stick to Chicago’s Loop if you’re intereted in a trip to the Windy City being worth your time.

  2. Eddie said...

    You’re a liar, Steve. Wrigleyville isn’t great shakes, but the fans at Cubs games are passionate and engaged. And frequently angry over this BS roster our idiot general manager cobbled together.

  3. Brad Johnson said...

    Mike S,

    Could prohibitive fines to organizations who are proven to falsely use the concussion list prevent a fairly large percentage of abuse? Could clubs and doctors be forced to “prove” the existence of a concussion with baseline testing tools or testimony? Perhaps the MLB could employ a number of third party consultants to randomly confirm the concussion diagnosis. Or other teams could be allowed to challenge the diagnosis (say the Mets put Bay on the DL with a concussion and the have reason to believe it’s BS) and bring in those consultants. Decorum would prevent teams from using it willy-nilly.

    30 seconds of brainstorming came up with 4 ideas that should disincentivize abuse of the 7 day DL.

  4. Paul E said...

    Wrigleyville? In the esteemed words of former Cubs’ manager Lee Elia, “it’s a playground for the c#*$-s!*$@%~”.

    This is what ML baseball has become…young broads in halter tops with a beer in hand needing to get noticed, wanting attention, believing a hit and run is two hipsters double-teaming her and her girlfriend without giving up phone numbers.

    Building a ball park in Miami to house a team NO ONE watches is an absolute waste of tax payer money. PNC Park is beautiful…and empty…and a waste of tax payer money. Pensylvania spent 1.35 BILLION on 4 stadiums and now Ed Rendell wants to hold companies drilling the Marcellus Shale hostage because he mis-spent taxpayer $$$$

  5. Anna McDonald said...

    No one is going to want to hear this, but I think the seven-day disabled list brilliant. In recent years MLB has taken a leadership role in the sports world in the handling and treatment of concussions. Of course, they have a long way to go, but once potential pitfalls are remedied this will be yet another great example. I’m glad to see this mentioned in the article—- excellent as always.

  6. MikeS said...

    The first thing I thought about when I heard about the 7 day DL was that teams would use it as a roster expansion tool.  Especially when it is specifically for something as nebulous as concussions.

    Starter has an unfavorable matchup coming up or threw 130 pitches his last time out?  He’s got a concussion.  It only delays his next start a couple games.  Hitter going through a cold streak or twisited an ankle and should be good in 5 or 6 days?  Concussion.

    With such a short time frame and a difficult to verify injury the potential for abuse is very high.

  7. Michael Caragliano said...

    Somebody on one side of the Cablevision/Fox argument dropped the ball big time by betting all their chips on the Yankees making the Series. Of course, they never factored in the possibility that Texas might actually win the pennant. They just figured, hey, New Yorkers will want to see the games, so let’s just hold out, and by the first pitch, we’ll get what we want. Now the Series is here with no Yankees, and no Channel 5 to show it, so with apathy now setting in, this will drag out. The only way it gets settled soon now is if the Giants (that’s “The New York Football Giants”, as I channel my inner Howard Cosell) keep on winning, although even then people have some options.

    Bottom line; when they finally do hammer out a deal, the viewers and subscribers will be the only real losers here. A nickel here, a dime there, and now you’re talking real money out of your pocket. Then again, Cablevision means James Dolan, so the consumer getting screwed was a pre-requisite here.

  8. dave silverwood said...

    As I have said since the first known idea of a franchise in Miami, this is a baseball no-no, you are not going to make money in Florida with baseball.

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