Bob Watson is on the case

Bob Watson is investigating the whole Mota-Fielder incident. Ken Macha: “[Fielder’s] been hit a lot. . . . He doesn’t like when somebody does it on purpose. I don’t blame him. . . . This type of mentality puts everybody in jeopardy. Giving a guy a $500 fine and two-game suspension isn’t enough.”

Well, yeah, but the article also says that Watson is looking at stadium surveilance tapes to see just how crazy ole Prince was when he tried to get Mota in the Dodger clubhouse. I have this feeling that Fielder’s deportment on that tape (i.e. Was he running? Was he raging? Was he strolling casually and not really making a fuss? Did he have to be restrained? How close did he get to the clubhouse?) will dictate whether he’s fined or suspended more or less than is Mota.

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  1. Michael said...

    Two Q’s for ya:

    1. How many games in an average season do you think Don Drysdale would have been suspended if Watson was in charge?

    2. Do you think as many pitchers would be suspended merely for pitching inside but not hitting anyone if an ex-pitcher was the MLB disciplinarian instead of an ex-position-player?

  2. Mike Fay said...

    Mike Piazza did the exact same thing during a spring training game when he was with the Mets.  strangely enough the pitcher he went after int he clubhouse was Gullermo Mota.

  3. HP3 said...

    Is Manny going to pay Mota’s fine for protecting him?

    Did Hanley Ramirez pay for his pitcher’s fine, when he was finally “protected?”

    Just thinking out loud…..

  4. keprotica said...

    Another question for Craig’s last paragraph: Will the video show that Prince was wearing naught but a jockstrap at the time?

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