Bobby V is definitely free

I think this was already more or less a certainty, but now it’s more and more a certainty:

Bobby Valentine says he won’t be back with the Chiba Lotte Marines next season even as the Japanese team’s fans lobby management to keep him . . . In a statement on his Web site, Valentine says leaving the team “is best for the Chiba Lotte Marines.”

Given what’s happened to the Mets this year, is there any doubt that this will foment a major “Bring Bobby Back!” push among the New York tabloids? That he’ll be compared to post-Gaul, pre-Rubicon Caesar, poised to come back and, um, do whatever Caesar did before he got murdered (sorry, I don’t really remember much of that stuff. I got all of my humanities credits in English)?

Whatever they do, I suspect that we’ll see Bobby Valentine a lot next year, be it on ESPN or in a Major League dugout.

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  1. Brian said...

    The Mets have announced a press conference for 3:30 and no one has any idea what it’s about.  But Met fans are already hoping and praying, despite the overwhelming odds against it, that Manuel will be fired and Bobby V will be brought back immediately.

  2. mkd said...

    In a nutshell, Caesar boldly (read: illegally) invaded Italy in 49 BC, taking the old Republican Oligarchs off guard and prompting Pompey to abandon the Italian peninsula and regroup the Republican forces in Greece (where he had a strong base of support). Caesar, outnumbered, defeated Pompey at Pharselus before sweeping through Egypt and North Africa and clearing out the rest of his enemies. By 45 BC he controlled the Roman Empire. In early 44 BC he was assassinated.

    So, OK, Bobby V is Caesar. Mineta is obviously Pompey and I would guess that the Wilpons are the Senate. Basically Valentine is going to demand the Wilpons give him full control of the Mets (GM, Marketing, Ownership, Media, the works). Mineta and the Wilpons will resist, but Bobby will use the NY press to force his way in. He’ll then promptly lead the team on a glorious five year run which will net no fewer than three WS victories. But in the end he will be betrayed by his bench coach, because Bobby is talking about becoming Commissioner-for-life. More years of chaos will follow, but I think it’s safe to say that the Augustan Mets of the 2030s will be a dynasty to remember.

  3. mike in brooklyn said...

    The MEts are firing Bernazard, according to SNY.  Which is just another reason to bring Bobby V back:  he would’ve known enough to hide behind his fake mustache before ripping his shirt off.

    (As an aside: does anyone else think Bobby sounds like Kermit?)

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