1. Kahuna Tuna said...

    Fix that headline, Craig (“Brady Penny”).  Don’t want everyone thinking the guy’s a recent amateur draft pick.

  2. obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

    Pitching may not be the Giants biggest concern but the 5th starter position has been a concern since Randy Johnson went out, with Sadowski and Martinez doing well initially then getting clobbered.  Every game counts now, even the 5th starter.

    Plus, as I’ve been saying in posts, if you can build a whole rotation that is full of very good pitchers, that is an advantage over other teams who can put up, usually 1-2 equivalent pitchers, at best 3, against the Giants.

    If Penny can pitch like he did when he was with the Dodgers, the Giants rotation will be formidable, a gaunlet for other teams to work through, grinding out each series.

    Now, the Giants only need another good setup reliever (Hoffman?) and the pitching staff would be pretty much as good overall as anyone’s, overall or in parts.

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