Braves Birthday Promotion

“Great Moments in a Bad Economy,” or “How The Atlanta Braves are like Denny’s“:

Celebrate your birthday right with the greatest birthday gift of all: free admission for one (1) game during the 2009 season to see the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field! It’s our present to you, or your children. Follow these simple steps:

1. Be ready to choose the game you wish to attend before you register.
2. Register your birthday or your child’s birthday.
3. Print the confirmation e-mail you receive after registering.
4. Bring proper ID and your confirmation e-mail to the “Happy Birthday” ticket window at Turner Field on the 2009 game date you chose.

I was prepared to be really mad about this, as my birthday falls on the day of the All-Star game this year, but according to the fine print, anyone born on any date in July can pick any July game. October-March birthdays are accommodated as well.

Not a bad promotion, really, but if the Braves keep playing two-steps-forward, three-steps-back baseball, I think I’d rather go with the Grand Slam breakfast instead. Oh, and if there are any Chi-Chi’s left I’ll get some free nachos too.

(thanks to Ben Stock for the heads up)

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