Brian Anderson to the Sox

No, the White Sox didn’t reconsider. The Red Sox actually traded for him:

The Red Sox today traded for righthanded hitting White Sox outfielder Brian Anderson, sending Mark Kotsay to Chicago in return. Anderson, who is hitting .238 with two homers on the season, was optioned to Triple-A Charlotte on July 20. Kotsay was designated for assignment by the Red Sox last week.

It is unclear whether Anderson will be added to the 25-man Red Sox roster or whether he will be optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket.

Wow. Someone took Mark Kotsay.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Though Sabean was disappointed that he got Garko a day before an aging, light-hitting ballplayer was traded.

  2. Matt Mitchell said...

    Wow. Someone took Mark Kotsay.

    From this White Sox fan’s angle, it’s the other way around. So what if it’s for Kotsay. Anderson’s not going anywhere with a career big league slash of .225/.288/.364

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