Bundling in St. Louis

A reader from St. Louis is not happy with the fact that Cardinals season ticket holders who want to go to the All-Star Game are forced to buy tickets to the FanFest and Home Run Derby business too:

My wife and I purchase a share-a-seat plan in the bleachers. The annual cost for these two seats for 42 games is around $1800. We were excited to see that we would get the option to purchase seats to the ASG this year at Busch. However:

Q: Am I required to purchase the entire ticket strip for the All-Star events at Busch Stadium, MLB All-Star FanFest tickets and Official All-Star Game program for each seat as indicated on my invoice?

A: Yes, each All-Star ticket strip includes one ticket to each All-Star event at Busch Stadium, two MLB All-Star FanFest tickets and one program for each seat included in your allocation. However, you are not required to purchase all of the ticket strips for your entire allocation. For example, if you own four season tickets and would prefer to purchase just two All-Star ticket strips, you may do so by indicating which seats you would like to cancel on your printed invoice.

I can understand the bundling. But part of the strip that is required includes two tickets for two days to the MLB FanFest (cost = $50 per ticket x 4). Tack on the $40 program and the package for two tickets was $850. The entire playoffs in 2006 cost $1100, but that got me 2 World Series games. Of course we are going, but is the value of a seat for the Home Run Derby really 3 times that of a World Series Game?

Good question. I’m more surprised at the fact that you’re required to buy a program, let alone that it’s a $40 program. What was the old line? “Can’t tell the players apart without a program?” Well, thanks to all of the money folks like my reader have paid teams like the Cardinals over the years, they now have gigantic new HD screens in centerfield that helps them tell the players apart just fine, thanks. Why do they need to buy a program too?

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  1. Jim D. said...

    This isn’t new. Happened to us last year in NY too. Unintended benefit…my friends and I actually ended up going to the fan fest and had a pretty good time.

  2. Jon said...

    It was the same deal with the Yankees last year. Futures Day. HR Derby, ASG, Fan Fest and programs. This is a MLB deal, the Cards have no control over this.

  3. pete said...

    Kind of sucks, but if they can get away with it, why shouldn’t they do it this way?

    The dollar values might not be allocated properly (maybe the program isn’t worth $40), but the fact that the reader paid $850 for the whole package tells me that the package was worth at least $850 to him.

    It bothered him, but the end of the day the reader voted with his wallet.

  4. KR said...

    Irrelevant, but the talk about programs reminded me of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon… crowd is watching a medieval joust, and a program seller is hawking programs: “Can’t tell a knight from a day without a program.”

    That’s all I got.

  5. Tim B said...

    Not sure where he came up with a $40.00 program. The charge was $24.00 for 2 programs; not $40.00 for 1 program.

    Of course you are not talking about a big difference but at least wish people had the facts straight.

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