Cain’s is “powering and surging,” but is it “bigger” too?

Lincecum and Cain should just kiss already:

SN: If you could take from both of you to build some kind of four-pitch robo-ace, which pitches of each of yours would you want to have?

Lincecum: I would take his knuckleball.

Cain: (laughing) It’s not very good. We’re taking his changeup no matter what. We know what it does.

Lincecum: Cain’s fastball has got so much life late in the zone—it’s powering, it’s surging, to the glove.

Cain: That’s the way yours looks. I think our fastballs are similar. I think we could take my curveball; it may be a little bigger. We’d take your slider.

Lincecum: Your slider, though, it moves, it’s 89 (mph) and it’s just filthy.

Cain:You throw yours 86 and it moves more. … It’s so hard to say, because sometimes I really wish I had all his pitches.

I feel kind of dirty after reading that, don’t you?

(link via BTF)

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    Reads kind of like John and Suzyn singing “We belong to a mutual admiration society” when they get silly (as opposed to flabbergated) during a meaningless game that John is over-managing.

  2. Troy Patterson said...

    At what point did someone tell them that it was a trick question?

    You would take none of Cain’s pitches over Lincecum’s.

  3. The Common Man said...

    Dear Baseball Digest,

    I used to think these letters were fake and never thought this could happen to me, but…

  4. The Rabbit said...

    One day, you gentlemen might finally believe that size does not matter.  It’s all about the motion grin

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