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  1. I wish Bernie all the best, but as far as I can see, he’s just traded one addiction for another, and I’m not sure which one is more dangerous.

  2. @Jim C:

    To make sure I am reading you accurately, is this what you are saying?  If not, please correct me.

    Bernie Carbo’s drug addiction is now an evangelism addiction and may be more dangerous than the drug addiction.

    Making sure I understand you,

  3. Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. The drug addiction was more dangerous to his physical health, but the religion addiction, all over the world, has led to millions of deaths, countless wars, and the current “war on terror.”

  4. I must disagree as respectfully as my worldview allows.  When religion gets addicted to political power or vice versa, then what you have described results.  But behind those results is a basic human tendency to be swayed by demagogues.  Religion can be a highly pragmatic tool of demagogues, sure, but without religion something would take its place.

    What appears to be pertinent to this article is whether Bernie Carbo’s was better with Christianity or drug addiction, and given that Bernie Carbo’s Christianity so far as is known has contributed to none of what you have mentioned, I am unsure as to the intent of your initial post.

  5. I believe I meant to state “Bernie Carbo’s life” in paragraph 2, as opposed to the incomplete thought I posted.  My sincerest apologies.

  6. My feelings on this issue are a bit extreme, perhaps, and maybe what Carbo is doing now is the most socially acceptable path for an addictive personality. Who knows, maybe he was molested when he was an altar boy, which led him to seek escape in drugs and alcohol, and now he’s coming full circle and going back to god. Gut I’ll bet he was a lot more fun to hang out with when he was high.

  7. Judging by the possibly-outdated website and the generally standard evangelical language it uses (for the record, I’m an evangelical, broadly speaking, but usually I get more upset by idiots within my own movement than by the nonreligious who rightly stay away from such idiots), his message, mixed with baseball as it is, is more along the evangelical self-help track than it is the hawkish ideas that lead to what you rightly detest.  This makes sense given Carbo’s known life and probably is the extent of things for him.

  8. Is it just me, or is Bernie Carbo the best bong name ever?

    @Jim C
    Jesus hated religion far more than you do, at least based on what I’ve read from Him. If someone is going to be addicted to something why not Love?

  9. Ok, now it’s time for a good story. I was fortunate enough to go to fantasy camps 3 years in a row, 1999-2001, and Bill Lee was one of my coaches each of those years. In 2000, the camp I went to was a week after a camp Lee did with most of the ‘75 Red Sox and Reds. At the time Carbo and his wife were running a camp for troubled kids, trying to help straighten them out. Carbo was asking all of the players to sign balls for him, so he could auction them off to raise money and keep the place going. Bill told me that virtually all of the players happily signed balls for Bernie, with the exception of Carlton Fisk. Bernie kept asking, and Pudge kept saying no. Finally, Tony Perez got in Fisk’s face, told him he wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame if not for Carbo’s home run, and finally shamed him into signing a ball. I did not witness this myself, and Bill Lee is prone to a bit of exaggeration at times, but based on my one-time encounter with Fisk, it does not surprise me.

  10. Finally someone mentions the pinch-hit three run eighth inning homer from game 6 of the ‘75 series!
    Talk about a clutch hit!

  11. I am stunned that Brandon and Jim did not descend into the typical internet flame war after having a difference of opinion about Bernie’s chosen path in life.

    I would like to express my admiration for keeping it civil, as it is too rare on comment boards.

  12. @Round Headed Kid- I hope you have Joe Shlabotnik on your fantasy team this year. He’s due for a good season.