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  1. nice article on the lesser known perry. worth noting that he was inducted this season into the twins’ hall of fame.
    also worth noting that i was happy to create that card for the 1975 topps traded project!

  2. GCRL, well done. Send me an e-mail so I can find out your real name. You guys are doing fine work with the Topps Traded 1975 Project.

  3. I Think It’s Great that You gave credit to Jim Perry and took Him out of the shadow of his more famous brother Gaylord. Also the same could be said for Joe Niekro, younger brother of Hall of Famer Phil Niekro.

  4. I once attended an Old Timer’s game/photo op in Denver in the early 1990s that included literally dozens of ex-MLBers, well-known and not. Great event. Ran into a fun-loving Jim Grant and posed this question to him: Who were the four starting pitchers named Jim who comprised the Minnesota Twins mid-60s rotation. Answer: Jim Merritt, Jim Kaat, Jim Perry, and of course, Jim ‘Mudcat’ Grant. Funny thing was he couldn’t think of Merritt, his ex-teammate.

  5. Didn’t Jim and Gaylord have the same W/L record for about four days in their careers? Seems like I read this in a Bill James publication …

    Aw, dang, now I have to look it up. …

    OK, here: “Did you know that from September 22 to September 26, 1975, Gaylord and Jim Perry’s career records were identical, 215-174.”

    —From the original Historical Abstract