The new Satchel Paige biography sounds really, really good: How fast could Satchel Paige throw a baseball? It’s hard to know because there were no radar guns to measure ball velocity when Leroy Paige, better known as Satchel, became a pitching star of the Negro Leagues in the 1930s. In his discerning, empathetic and hype-free […]

Selena Roberts < James Frey

Couldn’t happen to a nicer book: Remember that tell-all book about A-Rod? Just a month after making headlines with its allegations that the New York Yankees star likely used steroids as far back as high school, Selena Roberts’ “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” has vanished from best seller lists. Published in early May […]

Book Review: “Miracle Ball”

I’m not going to say that I’ve stretched myself a bit thin recently, but I had forgotten that I wrote a book review for the New York Post a week or two ago. In fact, I hadn’t even realized that it had been published this past Sunday until I happened to run into it while […]

Heart of the Game

The Bats blog’s Ihsan Taylor has an interview with S.L. Price, author of a new book about the late Mike Coolbaugh and Tino Sanchez, the man whose foul ball ended Coolbaugh’s life. I’ll admit that when I first heard about this book I was skeptical that it would be something of a ghoulish cash-in on […]

Quote of the Day

Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury-News, lamenting the fact that the Selena Roberts book isn’t selling all that well: It does confirm one of my beliefs, however. There’s a perception that fans love to read dirt about famous athletes. Maybe they do, on salacious Web sites full of half-truths — but not in well-reported […]

The Selena Roberts book is about what you’d expect

After a brief detour to deal with Manny-mania, I finally finished the Selena Roberts/A-Rod book over the weekend. I originally had thoughts of dissecting the sucker, but upon its completion I realized that, despite all of the hype (to which I helped contribute, I’ll admit), writing a highly-detailed takedown would represent a massively disproportionate response […]

Great Moments in Scouts’ Notes

For all of the things I’ve written, reading the A-Rod book is not without its enjoyable moments. I may later assemble some random ones in a post, but I want to share this one while it’s fresh. From the field notes of Mariners’ scout Roger Jongewaard after surveying Alex Rodriguez, high school senior: Premium prospect […]

The Fisking of Roberts has begun

A little over 48 hours since the book’s release, and people are starting to pick the nits. I’m not sure I care about the “was he in Milwaukee or was he in Detroit” kind of nits that hell of a lot, but if there are tons and tons of them, it suggests that the commercial […]

Quote of the Day

Via Whitlock, who continues to lay waste to Selena Roberts, comes a quote from Roberts herself from last night’s Jim Rome show which pretty much explains why I’ve been writing what I’ve been writing since last Thursday: “You give people a litmus test, Jim . . . You say to them, you go back to […]

MLB Investigating A-Rod

In light of the Roberts allegations, Major League Baseball is investigating Alex Rodriguez for post-2003 drug use: Major League Baseball is investigating the accuracy of statements by Alex Rodriguez about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, according to people within baseball who were briefed on the matter. Investigators have contacted several of Rodriguez’s associates to determine […]

File under “Interesting”

Selena Roberts’ allegations about A-Rod tipping pitches to the opposition hinge on the observations of his Ranger teammates. Interesting to note, however, that two of Alex Rodriguez’s teammates with the Rangers are calling the allegations “ridiculous” and “b.s.“: Michael Young played just the other side of second from Alex Rodriguez, so he’d probably notice any […]