The new Satchel Paige biography sounds really, really good: How fast could Satchel Paige throw a baseball? It’s hard to know because there were no radar guns to measure ball velocity when Leroy Paige, better known as Satchel, became a pitching star of the Negro Leagues in the 1930s. In his discerning, empathetic and hype-free […]

Selena Roberts < James Frey

Couldn’t happen to a nicer book: Remember that tell-all book about A-Rod? Just a month after making headlines with its allegations that the New York Yankees star likely used steroids as far back as high school, Selena Roberts’ “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” has vanished from best seller lists. Published in early May […]

Book Review: “Miracle Ball”

I’m not going to say that I’ve stretched myself a bit thin recently, but I had forgotten that I wrote a book review for the New York Post a week or two ago. In fact, I hadn’t even realized that it had been published this past Sunday until I happened to run into it while […]

Heart of the Game

The Bats blog’s Ihsan Taylor has an interview with S.L. Price, author of a new book about the late Mike Coolbaugh and Tino Sanchez, the man whose foul ball ended Coolbaugh’s life. I’ll admit that when I first heard about this book I was skeptical that it would be something of a ghoulish cash-in on […]

Quote of the Day

Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury-News, lamenting the fact that the Selena Roberts book isn’t selling all that well: It does confirm one of my beliefs, however. There’s a perception that fans love to read dirt about famous athletes. Maybe they do, on salacious Web sites full of half-truths — but not in well-reported […]

The Selena Roberts book is about what you’d expect

After a brief detour to deal with Manny-mania, I finally finished the Selena Roberts/A-Rod book over the weekend. I originally had thoughts of dissecting the sucker, but upon its completion I realized that, despite all of the hype (to which I helped contribute, I’ll admit), writing a highly-detailed takedown would represent a massively disproportionate response […]

Great Moments in Scouts’ Notes

For all of the things I’ve written, reading the A-Rod book is not without its enjoyable moments. I may later assemble some random ones in a post, but I want to share this one while it’s fresh. From the field notes of Mariners’ scout Roger Jongewaard after surveying Alex Rodriguez, high school senior: Premium prospect […]

The Fisking of Roberts has begun

A little over 48 hours since the book’s release, and people are starting to pick the nits. I’m not sure I care about the “was he in Milwaukee or was he in Detroit” kind of nits that hell of a lot, but if there are tons and tons of them, it suggests that the commercial […]

Quote of the Day

Via Whitlock, who continues to lay waste to Selena Roberts, comes a quote from Roberts herself from last night’s Jim Rome show which pretty much explains why I’ve been writing what I’ve been writing since last Thursday: “You give people a litmus test, Jim . . . You say to them, you go back to […]