Under the Hood

A couple of questions about Joe Torre’s new book: 1. Why write it now? No matter who has the moral high ground, doesn’t this sort of thing wear better after you retire? 2. Why the detached, third person narrative and cursory handling of his early years with the Yankees? I’m certain there’s a very interesting […]

The Snyder Case

While I am a lawyer by trade and a baseball writer by force of passion, if I could choose one job out of any in the world to have, it would be private investigator. No, not a real one like the guy who found out that your uncle was cheating on your aunt or the […]

William S. Stevens: 1948-2008

So there’s this thing just about every first year law student reads called “The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule.” It’s a law review note from the 70s that draws an analogy between the infield fly rule and the Anglo-American common law, each of which were refined with incremental changes over time and […]

Rules = Destiny

In my first year of law school, the professor for my civil procedure class (i.e. the class in which you learn all of the rules of litigation) spent the whole first day going over baseball rules. The point was to show how the particular rules of a game — be it baseball or litigation — […]