The Cubs must protect this house

If you’re like me, and you hate those stupid Under Armour logos on the outfield doors at Wrigley Field, this is good news: The Chicago Cubs baseball team has sued Under Armour Inc, charging the athletic clothing and shoe maker with reneging on a five-year sponsorship agreement worth $10.8 million. The Cubs, in documents filed […]

Can you do that?

I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to the concept of seat licenses, mostly because I’ve never considered buying season tickets for anything and thus haven’t been required to think much about it. Beyond knowing that they have been a part of every new park, stadium, and arena to open over the past couple […]

The Twins are healthy

The economy may be stank on a stick, but the Twins are doing just fine, thank you: The Minnesota Twins are on pace to sell a franchise-record 11,000 season tickets for the 2009 season, up from about 10,000 last year. The team expects about 90 percent of last year’s season-ticket holders to renew — a […]

The Owners’ Meetings

People talk about the Winter Meetings for weeks before and after they happen, but no one ever talks about the owners’ meetings. Why is that? Well, it’s probably because the press reports on what it can understand. GMs may make a lot of money and some of them are bona fide celebrities, but they still […]

Power on the Padres

Jeff Moorad purchasing the Padres is a weird looking deal. For one thing it came together so fast. The Tribune Company couldn’t even change the toner on the printer that spits out the Cubs’ offer sheets in the time it took this whole deal to materialize. A second odd thing is that despite this being […]

Depression baseball

There have been several articles in the past few months about what the economic situation might do to baseball, and with them many comparisons to the Great Depression. Most of them have been driven by looks back at attendance figures. A couple of days ago, however, the New York Times ran one that gave more […]

Kevin McClatchy is out

Kevin McClatchy has liquidated his position in the Pittsburgh Pirates: Former Pirates managing general partner Kevin McClatchy has sold his remaining shares in the team, ending a 13-year relationship that began with the newspaper heir ensuring that the club remained in Pittsburgh. McClatchy’s spot on the five-man Pirates board of directors will not immediately be […]

Anatomy of a scandal

When a political scandal hits, you can always expect things to happen in this order: 1. Denials that anything happened; 2. Denials that that which happened was inappropriate; 3. Admissions, either tacit or explicit, that that which happened was inappropriate in an effort to minimize the damage; and 4. Heads rolling. We’re now at step […]

Cuban’s side of the story

Mark Cuban isn’t going to be the next Cubs’ owner, and today on his blog he tells us why he thinks that is. He blames a lot of things — Jerry Reinsdorf and the capital and credit markets to name a few — but never once mentions that he’s being sued by the SEC for […]

Baseball’s Law Firm

Here’s a story from Saturday’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about the relationship between the Foley & Lardner law firm and Major League Baseball: Mary K. Braza, the head of the sports industry team at the Foley & Lardner law firm, has a nice view of Milwaukee and Lake Michigan from her office at the U.S. Bank Center. […]

The House That Corruption Built

We’ve long known that the Bloomberg Administration bent over to deliver all manner of financial favors to the Yankees, but now the emails are out, and it’s pretty ugly: Mayor Bloomberg’s aides secretly pressured city tax assessors to inflate the value of land under the new Yankee Stadium so the team could qualify for nearly […]

50 most influential

Sports Business Journal has released its annual 50 Most Influential in Sports Business list. Your top baseball guy is, no surprise, Bud Selig at number 6. Part of the comment on Selig: “While he’ll never be fully appreciated or beloved by the public, Selig remains highly popular with club owners and fully secure and effective […]