There’s no crying in baseball until after you retire

Lee Smith feels disrespected: Smith held the major league record for career saves with 478 from 1993 until 2006, when Trevor Hoffman surpassed it. Yet the former imposing Cubs closer has seen fellow relievers Dennis Eckersley, Bruce Sutter and Goose Gossage elected to the Hall while he figuratively fidgets in the bullpen. “They’re holding out […]

Quotable.  Maybe. has a profile on Trevor Hoffman and Mariano Rivera’s eventual Hall of Fame chances. Straight forward enough, but this stuck out: “Trevor Hoffman is a Hall of Famer, in my opinion,” Commissioner Bud Selig once said. “So is Mariano Rivera. Look, Yogi Berra once said, ‘If you ain’t got relief pitching, you ain’t got […]

The 5 percent rule

The New York Times‘ Dan Rosenheck calls for the abolition of the rule that bounces dudes off the Hall of Fame ballot if they don’t receive 5% of the vote in their first year. The reason: the writers are starting to (slowly) get smarter about what makes a Hall of Famer, and many of the […]

The Vets

The Hall of Fame Veterans Committee’s voting results are out, and the lone, lucky inductee was Joe Gordon. Sorry Mr. Santo. Mr. Allen, Mr. Torre, Mr. Pinson, Mr. Oliva, and everyone else on the list. The voting was divided up into post-1942 and pre-1943 voter’s pools, which makes some degree of sense. Among the former […]

Ya think so, detective?

As I’m sitting on the Hall of Fame’s website waiting for them to annouce the Veterans’ Committee inductees, I look at the latest headlines in the lower lefthand corner. One of them is “Maddux to retire Monday; Hall could beckon” As a cautious sort, I would like to praise the Hall of Fame for not […]

Maddux to Retire

It’s official. Or at least it will be on Monday. Maddux is my favorite baseball player of all time. Despite this, I have only seen him pitch in person one time. This is a near-contemporaneous account of that one time I saw him, related in an email to my buddy Ethan in the still-drunk hours […]

Say what?

From the Myrtle Beach Sun-News’ Sean Horgan, as he contemplates the Hall of Fame ballot: I also think you can make a Don Sutton-type argument for David Cone at some point, even though he’s only packing 194 wins. Can someone explain to me what a Don Sutton-type argument that doesn’t include win totals looks like?

The Hall of Fame Ballot

One of the things longtime readers know about me is that I tend to tread lightly on the stories that tend to otherwise generate the most media heat. I’ll write a post about the post-season awards, and I’ll occasionally weigh in on whatever issue is monopolizing the headlines on a given day, but I’m just […]