Minor League Workhorses:  1946-1950

In the opener of a recurring series, Steve examines the workloads of minor league ace pitchers. Health advisory: those who are inclined to recoil in horror at the sight of high pitch counts and young arms should not view the following without medical supervision.

Sociology of the MLB Player:  1940

Just how different from today’s was the profile of the major-league ballplayer in 1940? Come along with Steve as he explores a treasure trove of data he excavated from a musty little used book shop in Cooperstown.

Whither the Closer?  Part Two

Steve, er, closes his four-part series focusing on modern bullpen usage — how it came to be, and where it might be headed. And he (finally!) gets around to offering answers to those questions he’s been dragging around for three weeks!

A History of the LOOGY:  Part Two

The skipper has called time, and is heading out to the mound. He’s pointing to his left arm — that’s right, it’s time for yet another LOOGY appearance. And this time, we’ll be seeing not just the Hard-Core stuff, but the Really Hard-Core version!