Sociology of the MLB Player:  1940

Just how different from today’s was the profile of the major-league ballplayer in 1940? Come along with Steve as he explores a treasure trove of data he excavated from a musty little used book shop in Cooperstown.

Whither the Closer?  Part Two

Steve, er, closes his four-part series focusing on modern bullpen usage — how it came to be, and where it might be headed. And he (finally!) gets around to offering answers to those questions he’s been dragging around for three weeks!

A History of the LOOGY:  Part Two

The skipper has called time, and is heading out to the mound. He’s pointing to his left arm — that’s right, it’s time for yet another LOOGY appearance. And this time, we’ll be seeing not just the Hard-Core stuff, but the Really Hard-Core version!

War Begone

What if Teddy Ballgame had never missed a game due to military service? Or Joe DiMaggio? Or Hank Greenberg or Johnny Mize? Or anyone else? Find out here, in exquisite detail!