Bit dramatic, ain’t it?

I’d like to think that the announcement by Bugs & Cranks’ Dave Chalk that he is quitting the baseball blogging business is dry humor, and that his leaving B&C is occasioned by another offer or a lack of free time or something as opposed to truly being disgusted with the sport. If not, it’s simply […]

My Morning in Exile

Not sure why I’m writing this — I’m guessing most readers are off work today for Guy Fawkes Day and everything — but for those of you in essential services . . . Did the Yankees buy their championship? You may not be surprised to learn that this one has sparked quite a debate among […]

The Yankees and the DUI checkpoint

This story is mostly about Joe Girardi helping an accident victim on his way home from the ballpark last night, but this is all kinds of fun: Police were in the area conducting a driving while intoxicated checkpoint on the parkway. In fact, about 15 minutes earlier, Girardi had passed through a driving while intoxicated […]

And That Happened: World Series

Yankees 7, Phillies 3: Champs. You saw it, so no need for me to describe it. I’ll just offer some observations: Andy Pettitte was gutsy and successful. Pedro, while unsuccessful, was just as gutsy. He certainly knew before anyone — and probably well before the game started — that he had nothing last night. He’s […]

Viva Democracy

With perks like these, you’d think the folks in Congress wouldn’t beat baseball up over steroids and stuff as often as they do. I mean really, isn’t a bribe worth anything in Washington anymore? Tickets for Wednesday’s World Series game are nearly impossible to come by at face value. But that isn’t the case if […]

My Morning in Exile

Just want to thank everyone for all the kind words in my little ego thread yesterday. It’s humbling to say the least. I feel like Johnny Fever after he told people to go throw garbage on the steps of city hall and they actually, you know, did it. I’ll try to get back into my […]

Great Moments in Being Vicente Padilla

Ladies and gentleman, the man on which Joe Torre depended to stave off elimination in the NLCS: Dodgers pitcher Vicente Padilla accidentally shot himself in the right leg, the Dodgers confirmed Tuesday, but the wound is believed to be minor. Whatever. I couldn’t get too mad about that, even if I was a Dodgers fan. […]

Programming Note

When I started writing ShysterBall in the spring of 2007, the idea was to give myself a place to be where I could escape the stress and unpleasantness of my legal career, if only for the briefest of moments. As time went on, it began to consume more and more of my waking hours and, […]

My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while realizing that no matter who wins this series, one of the managers is going to get more guff than he probably deserves: Are McCarver and Buck rooting for anyone? Is this a ripoff of Jay’s previous post on the subject or just an homage? Do you get more angry comments and […]

And That Happened: World Series

Phillies 8, Yankees 6: Jimmy Rollins on the win: “We didn’t have a choice. It was either go home and watch football and college basketball or extend the season.” Somewhere Cole Hamels is whimpering. He really likes college basketball. Other random thoughts: Braves fans have long known — and lamented — how awesome Chase Utley […]

My Morning in Exile

Lots of cross-pollination between NBC and THT this morning, as every time I wrote something in one place, someone would tell me something interesting and new about it in the other. Who says that the mainstream media and new media can’t get along? Two posts on Damon’s steal. One bringing the hyperbole (an ATH regurgitation, […]

Quote of the Day: Johnny Damon

In Lupica’s column, via CTB reader comeoneman: “What were you doing going to third?” Damon was asked in the Yankee clubhouse. Johnny Damon smiled and said, “Trying to keep (Lidge) from throwing a slider.” And in case you’ve missed the comments in ATH this morning, eagle-eyed and elephant-brained ShysterBall readers recall that Willie Mays and […]

And That Happened: World Series

Yankees 7, Phillies 4: On the one hand, the double steal by Damon in the 9th doesn’t really matter, right? He’d be on second base before the A-Rod hit and still would have scored, even if someone had thought to cover third. On the other hand, Brad Lidge was on the mound, and that guy […]

Pearlman on McGwire

Jeff Pearlman brings the Mark McGwire sanctimony: Worst of all, however, McGwire was a baseball thief. At the very moment his 341-foot home run landed behind the outfield fence, he robbed Roger Maris of the most important record in professional sports. He robbed the Maris family of future income from 61-related merchandising and events. He […]

Great Moments in Niche Blogging

Reader and Dodger fan Josh Fisher has found his bloggy calling. It’s called Dodger Divorce. But allow Josh to explain it: Greetings, Dodger fans, and a pleasant afternoon to you, wherever you may be. Welcome to Dodger Divorce, a blog designed to be your one-stop shop for news and insight into the McCourt divorce and […]

My Morning in Exile

As brushes with celebrity go, this is pretty good. Not as good as that time I was at the urinal next to a totally wasted Marshall Faulk at the Bellagio during the Rams’ bye-week in the 2001-02 playoffs, put pretty good. Yankee Stadium has been quiet . . . too quiet [arrow flies into back; […]

And That Happened: World Series

Yankees 3, Phillies 1: The Empire Strikes Back. Sorry, that was totally hacky. I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing that line is being used by no less than two dozen outlets this morning. Anyone that can find them and make a note of it in the comments gets bonus points. Anyway: In the copious back […]