Ranking the Relievers

The best reliever in the major leagues last year wasn’t high on the list of Save or Hold leaders. Can you guess who he was?

Team Bullpens

In the second of a series on relief pitching, Studes takes a unique look at team bullpens — including THT’s official team bullpen rankings.

Re-Imagining the Big Zone Sixties, Part 1:  1963-1965

In the lid-lifter of a twin bill, Steve estimates the impact that the 1963-68 top-of-the-shoulder-to-the-bottom-of-the-knee rule book strike zone had on every player’s and every team’s numbers. Maybe it “really” wasn’t as much of a pitcher’s era as we might think.

Strike Zone Dominance in Context (Dazzy and Pedro!)

Come along with Steve, as he explores a wonderful new database that catalogues how well (or badly) various pitchers have been able to dominate that imaginary three-dimensional rectangle. We gain a new appreciation of just why they were so Dazzled.

Who Hit What?

Another sneak preview of The Hardball Times 2004 Baseball Annual, this time revealing the batting tendencies of major league batters.