CC Starts Slow

CC Sabathia is having a rough spring:

This was bound to happen.
Despite the money and the expectations and the hope for perfection, there was bound to come an outing in which CC Sabathia would be wholly ineffective.

Might as well come in Spring Training.

Sabathia experienced his first frustrations with the Yankees on Wednesday, serving up five runs to the Tigers in 1 2/3 innings. He allowed six hits, walked a batter and struck out none. And he came out of it — considering the time of year — concerned to a greater degree than might be expected.

CC himself notes in the article that he started last year in atrocious fashion: 0-3, with an ERA of 13.50 and nearly a walk and two hits per inning. I’m sure a huge number of Yankees’ fans are unaware of this and will immediately expect the Sabathia they saw last September once the season starts. If that doesn’t happen, the Bronx Zoo is going to open early this year.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    The only way for the Yankees to have a great season is to have a crappy pre-season to get the tabloids back in the groove of over-reacting (as if the Knicks don’t exist for this purpose)
    Let CC, AJ, Joba get it out of their system, Ching Ming will be consistant and Andy will always care more about first base than who is batting.
    Leave ARod alone and let this extended pre-season be over.

  2. Andrew said...

    Actually, the Bronx Zoo is open 365 days a year.  I was just there on Sunday.  Most of the animals weren’t outside, though.  I didn’t get to see any zebras…

  3. tadthebad said...

    Jason, perhaps you didn’t hear, ARod being out 6-9 weeks will actually help the Yankees.  That’s not good for a Red Sox fan, so I need ARod to recover quickly and get back to being a prima donna who smacks the #### out of the ball.  Then, and only then, do my Sox have a chance.

    I mean, really Jason, where have you been?

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