Chalk pulls a Favre

Remember Dave Chalk’s retirement from Bugs & Cranks last week? Well, he’s takin’ a mulligan.

You’ll recall my bewilderment re: Dave’s stated dissatisfaction over steroids and money and stuff ruining baseball, and wondering why that all of a sudden became a problem for him when it was nothing really new. He responds, with the upshot being that 2008-2009 were particularly bad in those departments, thus fueling his dissatisfaction. The substance is too long to blockquote, so click on through to read his explanation.

I like to see more baseball bloggers, not less, so good for Dave for taking a week and rethinking it all.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    That’s good- he ran into some bad bourbon somewhere and ShysterBall comes to his rescue. If you haven’t noticed, Shyster is a redeemer of all moral and social values, at least in my eyes.
    But wait, but wait…..then he’s goes into a scribe that the Yankees are a museum piece and the Sox and Rays just happened to nod off.
    Back to the nymphs at the river with you, Chalk.

  2. Nick Orton said...

    Stop linking to this moron. I’m hoping and guessing no one here reads his site. It sounds like he would have given up blogging before he started if Rubin Sierra’s double didn’t bounce over the fence in the ‘04 ALCS…

  3. MatthewA said...

    I’m not sure if I should be flattered by Chalk’s shout-out or upset by his rebuttal.

    I don’t doubt that he’s been “paid real money for (his) professional baseball expertise and insight.” Heck, I used to get lunch money to write my own. However, I stand by my original point that it only gets easier if you’re paid to do it full-time (and that’s “easier,” not “easy.”) And this story reeks of blogger burn-out.

    I’m happy for Chalk that he’s back, but I’m still as befuddled about his motives as before.

  4. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Well, at least we know one answer to “Who’s more incoherent and unreadable than Tom Tango?”

  5. TCQ said...

    Oh my god. Who writes things like this:

    “So what you got in the retirement announcement were some of the things that set me apart make me such a fantastic professional baseball writer: raw emotion, moral indignation, a light touch of humor and/or hyperbole.”

    I mean, to sample an over-sampled Onion thing, we really have reached the nadir of human culture if people are taking anyone this full of himself seriously – especially since he seemingly isn’t all that exceptional as a writer.

  6. Aaron Moreno said...

    Dude, I know what Dave is feeling when he talks about disillusionment. Me and him should totes become facebook friends and trade song lyrics.

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